How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

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How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

Hello all. You may remember a while back I was asking about how to get mobile updates/alerts or notifications on my mobile about order updates (basically push notifications) to reduce my response time. In the end I managed to set something up using IFTTT and the Do Button App. It's not perfect but it does show a notification on my phone that there's an order update.

How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

Well basically, it's helped me to decrease my response time knowing that whenever there is an update in one of my sold services (order), I can immediately attend to it, whether on my phone or on the workstation (my desktop pc).

This is what I wanted it for and why it would be very good for the whole marketplace if push notifications were available with a dedicated SEOClerks app. Ahem. ;D

But as you know, having a low response rate shows that you're active and increases your chance of people ordering from you. Nobody wants to order from a freelancer that has a 48+ response rate! Some peoples response rate is 7+ days and they don't get many orders for it too!

Well recently I noticed that my response rate had increased to around 14 hours and I wasn't really happy with that and set about trying to decrease it which I've managed to do over the course of a couple weeks. Even if only by about half as much. Basically instead of not knowing that I've got an order update until I refresh my tab or visited SC or got an email about it which I wouldn't and don't always check and can be working in other tabs for hours sometimes before I even check SC. But getting the notifications on my phone has enabled me to know about when there is an order update, and then immediately attend it and update it.

Thus reducing my response time over time. How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

I do believe this has helped me because I am having a fairly good start to the month with sales and it could very well be because of my currently much lower 7 hour response time.

My Recent Upgrade Could Be A Contributor!

I was just recently upgraded from a Level 3 to a Level X3 user also so that might have something to do with it as well. Something I'm very pleased about as that's a real achievement around here and an amazing milestone and I'm working on a success story which I'll post in the success stories cat soon before summers out! How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

But if you're looking for how to reduce your response time. Here's the trick!

How To Reduce/Decrease Your Response Time

It's called "response" for a reason. Because response means, responsiveness. And responsiveness is a measure of how responsive (fast at responding) you are. So to reduce your response time, you need to respond fast and update your orders as soon as there is some activity in them. Even if it's just to say "You're welcome!" to your buyer when they say thanks. ALWAYS have the last say and say it fast!

How is response time calculated?

According to what it says on the User Levels page.

Response time is calculated by the amount of time it takes you (as a seller) to respond to any comment or update to an order for the last 30 days. This calculation does not include your inbox, only the messages within orders.

So it's anything to do with one of your orders as a seller. I don't know if how fast you update your orders as a buyer is taken into consideration too. Need some confirmation of that! But I've also been updating the orders I'm buying fast as well and trying to have the last say in them. Something that can end up quite funny when the seller is trying to do the same thing and reduce their response time too! How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

But the main things to do as much as you possibly can are;
  • Always update your orders within an hour of them being ordered/updated by the buyer.
  • Always update your orders within an hour of any update by your buyer.
  • Always leave your rating within an hour of the buyer completing/rating it.
  • Always reply to all questions/comments left on your service comments area.

I'm trying to get my response time down to one hour but I don't know if that is going to be possible. The fact is I've got to sleep and sometimes I get orders in the middle of the night while I'm dreaming about being the captain of my own super yacht.

But doing this, using the IFTTT notifications on my mobile, I'm more "connected" to SC than before and it's helped me to reduce my response time considerably!

So there you have it! That's what you need to do to reduce your response time.

I hope you find this useful and it goes on to make you a better, faster, smarter, more responsive freelancer on SEOClerks! How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!




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Very nice tutorial of sorts. I also use a Gmail Notifier Application that you can download either in the Google Store, or Apple Store. It works the same way as the "Do Button App", and is just as effective. Not only can you download the Gmail Notifier on a mobile device such as a smart phone, ipod, or ipad, but you can also download the browser extension for use on computers.

This has helped me decrease my response time in half, and now I am currently at 6 hours. You may want to update this and include apps that will alert you for every email you receive via Gmail or even Yahoo Mail.

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Very useful tips. We were mentioning IFTTT before too. I actually set to receive emails on my smartphone so i get notified whenever i get email from Seoclerks. So yes i get some other notifications too, but i can keep my response rate low by using this trick.

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Same here, I have Gmail installed on my phone and I always get a notification when a new order comes in.
Fortunately SC webpage is pretty mobile friendly and its not hard to answer to clients from mobile.

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Thanks a lot for these suggestions. I really need to work on reducing my response time. Lately it has increased considerably and I am not quite sure why because as far as I know I respond within a few minutes when an order gets updated, as long as I am not asleep. My mobile or tablet is always next to me and I get an email notification and see to it practically immediately.

"ALWAYS have the last say and say it fast!" - I have made that as my rule of thumb.

I am not sure about 1 thing - do you think that the time it takes to deliver an order also affects the response time calculation?

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Yea you are right a good response time means every thing I know I wake up in the morning and try to respond to every body as much as I can as fast I can and can agree it does take time to lower your response time the fact that you were able to cut your times down that much in just a couple weeks is amazing you must have had to be really determined and it is good to see a fellow free lancer take responding to his clients so quickly so seriously keep up the good work man and thanks for the advice

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Very smart idea to use IFTTT to reduce your response time via your mobile phone. I too believe that a faster response for customers orders or inquiries will increase sales. Everybody nowadays, has come to expect instant gratification especially when online. This is a smart addition for a higher customer service experience.

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Good tips Mike. Before a few days ago my response time was 47 seconds, now it is 1 minute. I'm not using IFTTT, but my mail app notify me for everything when i receive new emails, especially emails from SEOClerks and because of that app my response time is very low.Also, i always try to answer to an order update as fast as possible even when i'm not home.

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@Everett thanks I will check that out! Save me having to have 2 apps installed. So you can set it to notify you about specific emails then? So say if an email contains the text "Order Update" it will notify me? Does it "ping" my phone as well as show a notification on my lock screen in real time?

@anwebservices, would you mind sharing that IFTTT recipe with me!? I'll share mine with you if you share yours with me! How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

@EliteWriter yeah your response time is saying 3 days. It could be that there is a comment on one of your services you've not replied to or an order you've not left feedback on after a buyer has left feedback or it could be how fast you update the orders you purchase as well but I'm not sure if that is true or not and it's just the orders you have as a seller. As for the time it takes to deliver the order I am not sure. I don't think so as that is a set time and not really related to have fast you respond and update an order but it could be we'll have to find out.

@Jkeyz yes same mate always up in the morning checking emails and things and updating orders first thing. But is it quite hard to get your response time down that much in a couple weeks then? I want a 1 minute response time like Pro does! LOL How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

@Procoder your response time is awesome man! Which mail app are you using? Are you on iOS or is it one that's available for iOS or you are using the built in email system for your phone do you mean rather than an actual app?

I want that 1 minute response time! How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

Although... Sometimes I'll deliberately not update an order or reply to a message etc for a while because it's actually good sometimes not to reply really quickly as it looks like you're not busy and when you look like you're not busy, people can think that's for a reason. IE no sales so possibly not a good business/freelancer. So sometimes I'll take my time to get back to people. It depends. Sometimes I'm just too busy anyway and can be focusing on someone's order for several hours before I do answer their email otherwise you can end up in a situation like this.....

How I Got My Response Rate Down: The Secret Sauce to Success!

Cheers guys!

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Mike congrats on reaching Level X, I had no idea that you weren't already a Level X seller. You totally deserve it!

Thanks for sharing these great tips for other sellers. I have never seen a seller with a 7 day response time and I can certainly say that I will not buy a thing from a seller that has longer than a 1 day response time, never mind a whole week!

Yes response times play a HUGE role for me deciding on a seller and a service. I often want to discuss my needs with a seller before I place an order and I certainly want my order to be attended to as soon as I pay my money for it! I am a very impatient person so if I know someone won't get back to me for a day or more I won't even bother sending a message to chat.

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