Is it possible to stop people from copying your blog content?

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Is it possible to stop people from copying your blog content?

As a writer or blogger, it's inevitable that people will take your content and put it somewhere else such as on their own site or somewhere else like a forum without your permission. When that happens, and you don't want it to happen, you have to go through all the rigmarole of getting that content removed from where it was placed to. That's not always easy! Especially if there is nowhere to contact or complain to or there may be times when there is, but the owners just simply don't care enough to listen to your demands to remove it.

So what can you do to prevent people copying and plagiarizing your content? Disable right click? Disable viewing source? Make all your text images only? Register with Copyscape and place Copyscape Plagiarist notices at the end of all your content?

What are some ways to prevent it from happening?

And what are some things you can do if it has to get it removed?


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There's no real way to prevent anyone from copying content. There's always a method to bypass any javascript that prevents users from right clicking or dragging the cursor to copy text. You can view the page source and get content that way, or use the element inspector to disable the javascript and then copy the text on the page.

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I agree with Everett that unfortunately those who want to copy content always seem to find a way to do it, no matter what you try to do. However it is a good idea to try to implement certain things so as to safeguard your content as much as possible. One of the best ways to do it in my opinion is to disable the right click so that one does not manage to highlight the text and copy it directly. This might discourage plagiarizers from going further. Not being able to copy and paste that easily is the best deterrent for those who like to take it easy and steal other people's work.

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I think the best bet is to disable right click which I use on my blog though the determined ones would still find a way to scrape the content.

Is one finds his or her content being copied I think he or she should confront or contact the blog owner to take the content down or report to Google.

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I find it really harder because many people are having issues with this. Lot of Indian and pakistani bloggers copy content and then that makes it harder for the Adnsense to monetize. I personally think that people should be focusing on the original content. If they fail to do that then surely that can lead to more of an issue than solution. I think for many people this can be difficult. I have struggled a lot with this.

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You can not stop people completely from copying your content, however, you can make it difficult for them to copy your content. Instead of publishing written contents, you can publish your content as an image or as a video. However, this technique might not be good in terms of SEO perspective. Another alternate is disabling the right click. When the right click is disabled, the visitor cannot directly copy your content because he cannot copy-paste. If you want to copy your content, he will have to type it. This might be a great turn off for people who copy content.

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There are roadblocks that you can put up to make copying content more difficult, but there is no way to stop it. I think the good news is that Google likely already has the plagiarist labeled. If that person is copying from you, they are copying from a lot of people.

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Basically, everything you suggested there is a good idea. Another thing, some sites use a script that prevents the use of the mouse from dragging on page. So if someone tries to scrape the content literally by click/drag to copy the content, then they can't as the content won't highlight. That combined with the no right click script is a good idea. Though if someone really wants your content, they can just literally copy it, and maybe that's where the anti-plagiarism sites come into play.

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Even if the right click is not working, you can use the edit drop down for the copy function that still works in that case. I had seen one site where the contents are in images so you cannot just copy the text because it is in image form. But I think that is a silly idea because images can slow down the access. My take on copycats is the thing that you mentioned in another discussion, to check an excerpt of your content and search it using Google. When copied, it will be shown in the search list. And then you can report that site with your proof.

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Thanks guys! It seems to me that there's pros and cons to doing all these different things.

For example.

  • I could disable right click, but some people might have a legitimate purpose for that such as being able to go back or refresh the page on right click.
  • I could disable text highlighting, but some people use that when reading text on a page so they know what they've read or want to highlight a certain part of it.
  • I could disable viewing source on right click, but that can be overridden by using control+u or using File menu.
  • I could make my text an image but that's not good for SEO and is shouldn't really be done at all for any reason.
  • I could register with CopyScape and place CopyScape anti-plagiarism notices in all my content but honestly, who wants to do that?

So it seems, it doesn't matter what I do, there is no real way to stop people who are really determined to steal my content.

Something else I've been looking at, is showing extra info when text is copied with a small javascript code which and adds on the link to where the content was copied from. There are also WP plugins that can do this as well.

It doesn't prevent people from copying your content, and once pasted, they could remove that bit. But you see a lot of big sites doing this now and it can help for people that are copying and pasting for legitimate purposes by including the link to the original source (my site).

Apparently there's also a script that changes and modifies the clipboard content so that when its pasted it's unreadable.

Does anyone else here use this method? Seems a bit extreme but could lower the amount of people illegally copy/pasting your content.

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Yes, very good! I've been caught copying content before, well not caught like in jail or anything, but due to those auto "Read more here" text when you copy something from a website. Some websites don't care if you copy the content, so they will add those plugins when you copy content it'll have at the bottom of the copied text: "Read more about the article here." with links and everything else.

I like this idea, and it also promotes an internet where people can give credit. Not many people give credit to websites any longer, and it's truly sad.

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Yes!! I actually love it when the "Read More Of This Article" link magically appears after some copy and pasted text. It saves me a bit of time, since I always make sure to credit my sources, anyway. This is a cool feature, as far as I'm concerned. I'd love to see more sites using this handy little auto-link-back charm.

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This is a topic that you can write a book about!
Glad you asked because it made me do some searching and researching.

I did a Google search for this phrase “stop people from stealing your content” for the time period of content not dated before January 1, 2018, and there were lots of interesting results.

Info about eBook theft, a WordPress plugin (which is great if your site is a WordPress site), how to stop people from stealing your photos, etc.

This was an interesting question. I'll admit to not having the problem with my content being copied. Quite frankly, I sometimes wonder if it's an insult. What? Isn't my content good enough to be copied? LOL. Is it possible to stop people from copying your blog content? Is it possible to stop people from copying your blog content?

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There's really no way of stopping people from copying your content. What you could do is if and when you see or find out that your content was copied, you should report it immediately to the site moderator and make a request to sanction the copycat.

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