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I seem to be very tired all the time. I have had enough of it. This morning I took a multi vitamin and an iron supplement and I had a lot of energy all day til now. Does anyone else take vitamins or supplements to give them energy for the day? Can you tell when you miss a day?


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I can relate to the tired feeling. This past few years, I'm having issues with my blood sugar and if I eat the wrong thing, (even a small amount), I get very tired. Someone suggested tat maybe it's a wheat/gluten allergy as it happens when I have food like sandwiches or pizza (though not pasta).

It's possible you are exerting yourself physically in some way and that is tiring you out. This could be true if you are standing up and moving a lot during your day as part of your job. Then it would make sense that you are tiring out. Or, if you have been awake for many hours, then you are likely genuinely tired.

Just in case, it would not hurt to see your doctor about possible tiredness as there could be many reasons. Hopefully, you will be able to get peaceful rest and feel refreshed for your day.

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Checking my routine on weekdays, I lack sleep. My bedtime is before 10 pm and I wake up at 4 am. That's a clear 6 hours of sleep. But apparently, I don't get exactly 6 hours because I don't get to sleep at exactly 10 pm and I sometimes wake up earlier than 4 am. In the first months of my new work schedule, I was feeling tired all the time because my body had difficulty adjusting. But now, I'm fine with it. Now, in your case, feeling tired with no reason at all may be related to your blood sugar. Another suspicion is if you have apnea that is directly connected to loud snoring. Pardon me but I don't subscribe to vitamins for strength, exercise is a much better alternative.

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What I would is that you start taking lots of sleep, if you have been stressing yourself over this period working. Also, increase your intake of natural fruits that are filled with potassium and see how your condition will improve with time.

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One of the things that can make you feel tired, is the lack of sleep, so check the hours you are sleeping. Another thing to check is the long time working with no resting periods, I mean, you can't be working more than 8 months in a row without any vacations. Everybody needs to have some rest. So maybe is time to take a couple of days off. Vitamins for sure can help you a lot, but if you need them, that means your diet is not appropriate, because your meals should be enough to give you all that you need to keep you going.

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