I'm tired of selling myself short and I will stop. I will charge what I believe I'm worth.

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I'm tired of selling myself short and I will stop. I will charge what I believe I'm worth.

Dear Freelancers,
I need to stop. And so do you!

Most of us are working 12 hours per day without a decent lunch break. Without proper breaks at all. I've been working online for about 10 years now, even though I didn't do much for the first 4-5 years. I've been a full time freelancer for about 5 years now and today, I'll quit.

Well, that's not the truth actually, but I might give up my freelancing dreams during next year. The end of 2017 might be the end of the road for me.

Some of you guys are aware of the fact that I've been struggling quite much during 2016 and no matter the reasons, I haven't really been able to make a living online during this year.. - And we all know it. You can't work more than 12 hours per day if you don't earn enough money to pay your bills..

Freelancing, work from home and to make money online has grown huge and there's an endless road of new freelancers each day. People who quit their jobs to commit themselves to their online businesses.. Teenagers, single parents.. Literally anyone and everyone are trying their luck online, as it was and still is quite easy to make money online.

However, with all the people who's starting out the existing sellers and services drop in sales due to the competition and that's also when you need to lower your prices.. Which in the long run results in less profit. - To make the same amount of money you made a month ago, or three months ago, you'll need to put in more hours. After awhile you'll realize that you're working 15+ hours per day and you make as much as you did for 5-6 hours of work 2 years ago. - And here's where I'm literally stuck.

I've been trying to compete with all these new sellers, but not only that, also with existing sellers as they've lowered their prices too, due to the new competition.. And I won't do it anymore. I'm tired and I'm sick of it.

If I believe I'm worth $100 per hour for something, then I'll charge $100. That's it. I won't lower myself to a payment of $10 if I believe I'm worth 10 or 15 times more than that. - And you shouldn't waste your time doing it either.

I work from home. I work whenever I want to. I am my own boss. - However, I do have bills to pay. I pay rent. I need to eat. My freelancing career is my job, just like you go to work each day, I do too. - If you get paid why shouldn't I?

We work online and we are providing services and products. That doesn't mean that it's easy or that we should give things away for free. - We are in need of money just like everyone else on this planet.

I've had enough of this BS.
I'll start to charge what I'm worth. By doing that, I can feel good about myself at least.


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If I believe I'm worth $150 per hour for something, then I'll charge $150. That's it. I won't lower myself to a payment of $15 if I believe I'm worth 10 or 15 times more than that. - And you shouldn't waste your time doing it either.

I completely agree with you! I said same thing many years ago, yet i had to lower my prices 10 times cheaper on some services, but still i am not doing anything below bottom line price. Well, why i have to be on bottom line at all? I ask my self too....

Here is many members who will understand you 100%, but sadly, here is also many members who would jump to the sky if they could charge less then $1 for some services, so i ask my self also, are they so desperate or they want to beat everyone even at their own cost and time loss... So silly and stupid.

10 years ago i could charge up to $3000 for nice webdesign and website development until all this low quality, greedy freelancers popped up and start offering 10 times cheaper prices. If they needed to get jobs desperately, they would probably get it by lowering prices with 5% or 10%. Nowadays you can hardly get job to build website for $100 and yet i see someone would do it for $10... Who's the crazy here???

But guess what. I AM NOT GIVING UP! Because i am smarter I I find my way around. I create new things so they can copy me I I go one step further...

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Respected Sir,
With years of experience, we already have niche area, or still on the way to find the better one.

This is the time, to use our dedication, disipline, & hardwork, to workout a model of business, where we move to operation level, and the task done by us, to be outsourced, and get the benefits of Leveraging manpower with our experience

With regards,

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Andre I totally hear you. I've been torn reading your posts and your struggles. Life can be so hard at times.

I don't think you should give up, never ever give up but you must charge your worth. Yes a lot of the sellers keep dropping their prices and charge below their worth.

That is awfully sad and I hate to see that. However I am the kind of person that looks at a sellers price and if it is too low I will be too nervous to buy it.

My belief is cheap prices equals cheap services equals cheap buyers. Which just lands up in a mess.

I believe it you have a price that is too cheap you will mostly attract the riff raff of the buyers! There is such a thing as a quality buyer too, it doesn't just apply to sellers.

I know that you have struggled and I know it has been a really tough year, but I am sure you will come out tops soon. Please keep trying a little longer.

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Ohhhhhh! Well good on you! And fair play to you! Business is business at the end of the day and you can charge whatever you want. And we all want to make money, but just because other people are selling their self short and undercutting you, it doesn't mean you should do the same thing and shoot yourself in the foot. Or "cut off your nose to spite your face" if that's the right saying. It's just a shame that other people don't think like this as well and have to devalue the whole industry or specific services in that industry by selling them for a ridiculously low price. So where something might sell for $100, people are selling that same service for around 90% difference at about $10! I'm sorry but that's just dumb and doesn't help anyone. I get that people are desperate for money and if they are happy to do that for that price, when they could be getting much more, then that's up to them. But that's just silly because that same service sells for much more usually and they could be getting much more money for it. It's just crazy and beyond all sense and sensibility and good reasoning.

But let's face it, the people that resell services at up to 90% less than what they can usually sell for aren't exactly well known for having good sense and reasoning are they? If they was they simply wouldn't do that and sell it for as much as possible. Besides, there's just so so much stuff out there you can resell for a profit. But for something that usually sells at $100 or $1000, don't resell that at just 10% of what it usually sells out. Sell it for what it usually sells out! That will benefit you and the whole industry on and as a whole!

But you hang in their man. Don't give up, never give up! Else they win!

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Im with you 100% and im glad you made this topic. I have 3 kids that depend on my work here on Seoclerks, and other sellers are taking food out of their mouths. I stopped trying to compete months ago and the result was maxed out credit cards and me having to beg for more money. I was not always a legitimate business man, i come form the streets. The only thing that keeps me from doing something crazy to feed my kids or to make sure they are fed is my wife. I was the leading provider here for Soundcloud and Reverbnation, when Revebrnation got banned other sellers started selling Soundcloud and cutting the prices so low that its not even worth it anymore. I am putting in more hours to try and make up for it im trying blogging anything to keep me from having to knock some ones block off to make sure foods on the table. My sales are down almost 1000 a month some months and its because people are spamming my clients or cutting the prices so low. If i was by myself then all this wouldn't matter as much, but i have 3 mouths to feed.

I have said this before and i hope saying it again wont get me kicked. Seoclerks needs to do something about these sellers coming in and dropping the prices so low that we cant afford to eat or pay our bills. We have been working here far longer than some of these guys we should get top priority when it comes to sales. We need a limit to how low prices can go let the service and the seller decide who is best to buy from. You know i got tired of feeling this way and i just stood back and allowed it to happen and i continue to do so. People tell me to just work and do what i do and let others do the same but enough is enough man.

I have been struggling beyond belief working all day i cant even count the hours. I literally have to work from sun up to sun down and i still have days where i only make $8. I market and bring people here and you know what happens? I lose then as soon as they find out someone offers the same thing for half the price or offering double for the same price. Im with you and if this continues and nothing is done about it then i will also leave. I was hoping 2017 would be the year my sales would pick up so i can stop feeling this way. If nothing happens and im still working like a mad man Just for my fridge to be empty. Just incase you thought i was joking im not the only reason we have apples, eggs, and milk is because of wic. They cut our food stamps last month so we don't get jack. No meat to cook my kids have to eat whatever i can scrape up.

Trust me we all feel your heartache especially me. I have some money in crypto but i cant touch it because i have a contract with a partner. I blame nobody but myself for this. I should have never been so nice to people in the past. I hope things get better for you and if i can do anything to help you please contact me on inbox.


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Oh man Jkeyz2 that is awful and I hear you, really I do. Your wife seems really keen to get into mommy blogging and I promise you it really is quite easy to get going. She has wonderful ideas and if she can just learn how to do some basic keyword research and how to write posts for her own website she will do so well!

Seriously, please tell her that I am happy to help guide her at any time if she wants to start. I will also gladly give her a helping hand with shout outs online with social media and on my website to help her get started.

All those parenting hacks, natural remedies.... oh it will go down like a bomb. Tell her to contact me... you know where.

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If you feel that way and want to stick with a certain price, no matter how high it may seem, I say go for it. You are as you say your own boss after all, and you are to be the one who makes the final decision. However, be aware that if you are not a bit realistic you may lose out on a good number of prospective buyers. In time this may end up being less profitable. I wish you luck and may you earn as much as you aspire to earn.

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Good job dude, go all the way you may be surprised how well you're going to do once you'll start asking for more. There are actually a lot of clients out there that look for expensive freelancers thinking they'll buy the best quality around and guess what? Most of the times they actually do buy a lot more quality!

I've quit freelancing because I was tired of the same issues you face right now! Being a part-time freelancer is really working good for me, sure I still work 10 hours every day but I feel way more accomplished and in truth, I earn more than I did when I draw the line at the end of each month!
My advice is this: don't get stuck into cheap routine freelance work , find ways to break free and actually earn more, your profits MUST substantially go up every month until you reach a comfortable sum, otherwise you'll just go on losing a few years selling the same services and doing the same stuff for the same amount of money and losing a huge amount of time, at least that's what I did when I was working as a full-time freelancer.

Don't get me wrong, I may still get back being a full-time freelancer sometime in the future, but only if I manage to earn a good amount by working just 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Nothing more nothing less, I have a couple of ideas I'm currently working on, hope they'll work out.

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This is certainly the issue I had while starting out as a freelancer in the sense that I thought that by selling some of my services lower, it is going to increase the sales that I got. However, that move proved to be in the negative as a result of the fact that most clients will think you might not deliver quality works.

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