How to speed up WordPress loading time

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How to speed up WordPress loading time

You probably know that fast loading of your blog is very important for many reasons. So while WordPress is most used CMS platform, here is how you can speed up loading of your website easy way. No need any programming skills, everyone can do it by following simple steps. All you need is WP Super Cache plugin, which is very popular and one of the most used WordPress plugins among bloggers. You probably already know how to find and install this plugin from your WordPress administration panel.

How it work and how it making your website to load faster?

Welll this plugin turning your dynamic posts and pages into static HTML files and store them in your cache subfolder on your host automatically. This way, when visitor comes to your website, it doesn't have to communicate with your database and pull hundreds or thousands of data from your database, but simply show up ready made captured contents.

Plugin also have option to compress your contents for even faster loading and many more options for advanced users, but by using it just out of the box it will speed up your website loading substantially. Also please note that search engine crawlers will LOVE your website if it loads fast ;) So just go grab this free amazing addon for your blog, you will note the difference right away.


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I think this is the standard plugin to get and use on your WordPress site before anything else. Next to an SEO plugin like Allinone or Yoast. You can do all the same things it does pretty much through htaccess file but it can be quite tricky and a complicated process to learn so it's an excellent plugin for those people that don't know about how to cache files manually using htaccess rules and lets you do it in a much more controlled way from the admin panel of your WP dashboard. It definitely speeds up your site but after installing it, you can sometimes be working on your site, then refresh the page and not see your changes update. This is because it's serving you static files too. You should go into the options of WP Supercache and disable caching for known users. This way, if you're working on your site, any changes you make such as to HTML or PHP files etc will be updated for you straight away. Just remember to clear the cache after you're finished updating your site so that the changes become available to your sites other visitors and users too! ;)

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Yeah, some changes made are also refreshing cache to latest contents, but if not, you can also do "delete cache" or choose which file / post to delete from cache and first visit to freshly updated page will store new contents into chace for further use.

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I've never used WP Super Cache before How to speed up WordPress loading time

Whenever I set up a wordpress site I normally focus on themes that aren't image heavy and I also put the theme on a good server so that the speed is always constant and never really drops, which can affect a lot of things.

From what you said above, it looks like WP Super Cache is a must have plugin How to speed up WordPress loading time I can see this plugin actually helping in terms of SEO because a faster loading website will always have a slight boost in rankings compared to slower loading websites. You get a slight boost in the rankings because Google, Yahoo! and Bing want to show websites that are good and quick to their user base. They wouldn't be the top search engine if the just showed any old and slow website to it's searchers How to speed up WordPress loading time

A fast website is a must now a days and it seems that if you have wordrpess, you should also have this plugin ;)

Thanks for the info anwebservices How to speed up WordPress loading time

- Razzy

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No matter how good is your hosting and how themes are optimized for as long it's dynamic contents displaying it takes time to load because of page communicating with database. For our eyes, in most cases it's not visible if it's little slower or faster, but search engines counting it in milliseconds so it does matter and this plugin exist and is popular for very good reason How to speed up WordPress loading time

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I never used WP Cache but I may try it as it seems pretty good. Another good way to reduce your loading time is to reduce the number of plugins you have. Obviously some plugins are essential but there may sometimes be ones that are hardly used. In that case, deactivate those as it will increase your loading times and this will result in better SEO so it is worth it in the end. You can also put your website behind cloudflare. You can then use the cloudflare to minify your html, javascript and css which will then reduce your page loading times.

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Hi Anweb I think you are very experience on this issue and I think several way you can speed up your WordPress website. Firstly I prefer a good web hosting. If your site will host on high performance hosting company, your problem will solve maximum. Besides, I should say use a Best Caching Plugin software that will work effectively to speed up your site as your said WP super cash plugin And third one is use a absolute framework or theme. It should help you to make good speed on WordPress. And for image, video or text loaded lazy image should best one. This will help you to load the image, when it is about enter the visitor screen. I just explain few and may more method still remains.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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