How To Become Digitally Employed As A Freelancer

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How To Become Digitally Employed As A Freelancer

There is a huge demand for remote workers or freelancers in many fields.

High demand jobs you can work at remotely:
Web development
Mobile app development
Social Media Marketing
Writing (e.g. paid guest blogging, ghost writing ebooks, stock analysis, etc...)

Popular online businesses for solo entrepreneurs:
Writing ebooks
Teaching online courses
Mobile apps (or even desktop apps!)
Affiliate marketing
Ad-monetized web sites
Video channels (ad or affiliate monetized)
Creating courses
Selling software as a service

If you have a talent or skill that is marketable in a job place, then you can sell that content or skill online to others via a Marketplace freelance service.


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There are a lot of really good ways to earn money online and freelancing is one of the best for anyone with a marketable skill, though not the easiest path as you have to establish a good customer base in order to earn long term. Any skill you can do on a traditional job, can be done as a freelancer. You just have to think of your freelance work as an actual business and market accordingly. You can't rely on one off work to build a solid income. Repeat customers are the key, whatever your niche.

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Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular. I would like to point out a common misconception - some think that anyone can do it as long as one has an internet connection and a computer. But in reality the most important thing apart from this is having a particular skill that is in demand. Be it website design, article writing, proofreading, data entry, translation, SEO - you need to show that you can do the job, AND that you can do it well. There are many competitors out there, and you need to excel at what you do if you are to make a business out of freelancing.

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I have been writing online for a long time and recently I started working as an internet marketing. I am also thinking to launch into web development niche. If you have multiple skills, you can earn better. Therefore, I am also thinking to enhance my skills and knowledge in graphic designing, digital marketing, web designing, and development etc. After working full time online for some years, I understood that I will neve rbe able to make my living through online work, therefore, I applied for day time job. One day I will like to return to online work as a full time employment option.

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I am freelancing for more than 3 years now and my main line is writing. I provide contents for forums or blogs and websites that need articles. I started freelancing with no serious intention at first. But when I started earning, that gave me the idea that you can be earning good money and freelancing can be my livelihood. At present, I have a full time office job that pays well. However, I will be retiring in 5 years time and what will I be doing then? Freelancing is a good opportunity to be an occupation no matter if the monetary rewards are not that big.

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