What is your average earnings from seoclerks as a freelancer?

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What is your average earnings from seoclerks as a freelancer?

I have been on SEOClerks for awhile, offering many services but would like to take my earnings to the next level.

I want to earn a full time living at SEOClerks

What are your average earning from this site? Do you find more success selling one type of service over another?


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I don't think anyone is going to want tell you how much they're earning. Although some might just to show off. What is your average earnings from seoclerks as a freelancer? But knowing what peoples average earnings are isn't going to help you much anyway other than inspire and motivate you perhaps. What you need is advice on how to be a better seller not how much people are earning on an average month. On that front, all you need to know is there are some people here that are making more money than others. Some make more than others. Some make a full time income and some make a little extra pocket money at the end of the month. That can be inspiration & motivation of course, but if you look at the top of any category and sort by top rated, you can get an idea of how much they're making based on the price of their service and how many recent orders they've completed by the people that have left their rating. But often top sellers sell more than one service and not everyone leaves their rating on a completed service so you can only really make a guesstimation.

What it all comes down to is being able to provide a service that is in high demand. Typically, SEO link building services are the most high in demand services on here. If you can provide those types of services, and provide them well, on time, with bells on top, then that is going to reflect in your sales and you'll start making some good money as a seller. But other things sell well on here too, just check out the categories and sort by top rated or most orders and you can get an idea of the sorts of services that sell the most on here.

Now when it comes to being a better seller, the FAQ here is your friend! There are some very good guides here that will give you some excellent selling tips and arm you with the tools and advice you need to make it to that status. Check out the faq on how to become a power seller on SEOClerks. You should find that a very informative read if I don't say so myself. But you're already headed in the right direction coming on here and asking. Don't be too shy to use the FAQ to ask any other questions you might have. We want you to succeed. What is your average earnings from seoclerks as a freelancer?

Power to you!

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Hi I am working here over 4 years which almost from the beginning of the SEOclerks. And before that I was working on up work. And as a outsource contractor I have been working over 7 years. And I saw lot of earning trend in my entire career. And last 4 years I am working here as fulltime freelancer. Basis on SEOclerks I establish many online business and earning very handsome money from here. I completely agree with idealmike. Here nobody will not get you answer how much they are earning. And you know earning depend on your intention or work time and facility. Some are woking here for full time job and some are working here only for earning extra money. And I saw on SEOclerks has so many very successful freelancer and they are earning very handsome money each day and month. They will not tell you how much. Because this is concern of personal question. I think most relevant question is how may I become a successful freelancer? What I have to do for that? etc. Idealmike covered very good answer. So follow his indicated link for becoming power seller on SEOclerks.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Hey aloksof,
I won't go into any major details regarding my monthly earnings, just like others already stated above, people don't usually disclose such things, for various reasons. With that being said, I'm a bit different than the "average normal" dude and have revealed this within a guide of mine, which I sell on SEOClerks. It's no secret that I've made more than $23,750 on SEOClerks since I first started, which I state on both SEOClerks forum (in my signature), within the title I use on my service listing and also within the product itself.

The reason I do this is not for bragging (I know that there's a bunch of people making way more than that) or any other stupid things like that at all, even though some might think so, and even though such statement brings attention. The real reason I reveal that, is because I want people to see and understand the true value of SEOClerks and that anything is possible. New to SEOClerks or not. You can earn literally anything you want. It all comes down to this:

  • What you provide.
  • At what price you provide it.
  • How you get attention.
  • How you setup your service descriptions & titles (your sales page).
  • Competitors.
  • Demand.

And finally, how many orders you're able to process each day.

If you really would want to know how the earnings of some sellers there's 3 things you can do.
  • Check the orders in queue. (On each service the seller provides).
  • Check the delivery date on services. (How many days it takes for the seller to deliver).
  • Calculate.

Just note, that these amounts would only be approximately and not accurate.

Best Regards,

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I don’t think anyone will be willing to share their earnings as mentioned above. However, I can give you tips on how to increase your sales.
Whether or not you make a living out of it will depend on a number of factors but it is definitely not impossible as some people here have achieved that. Here are some tips:

  1. Provide high quality services will make customers return and you will earn more income. Try to get your rating up to 99%.
  2. Analyse your competitor’s services and try to offer better ones.
  3. Try to advertise your services outside SEOClerks. Try social media and webmaster forums.

On SEOClerks SEO services are probably most popular so offering those will ensure more success. Another thing you can try to do is refer people to SEO Clerks and earn money from that. For tips on increasing affiliate earnings, check out my topic.

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I created a service 11 months ago and I've only had two sales. Clearly, I am not a superstar!

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