Choose any article on wikipedia, I will put your permanent link on that page.

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Wikipedia is the worlds largest encyclopedia. It is the 7th most visited website according to Alexa rankings. Any link from Wikipedia is highly effective for your website to increase your trust level with Google.

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  • MiniTool
    MiniTool 6 months ago

    False advertisement, he cannot do this anymore.

    • tulsyanir

      Who are you to decide what i can or can not do, bish

      4 months ago i worked on your site on sale price got your site on the first page and now you rate me negative. Why man

  • rupamguha
    rupamguha 7 months ago

    Great seller and delivered the service as promised.

  • kapuk
    kapuk 7 months ago

    Very good as usual for my order. Thanks a lot.

  • rupamguha
    rupamguha 8 months ago

    Thank you very much. Great Seller. Like to work with this guy again and again.

  • Xanvier
    Xanvier 8 months ago

    5 stars for Excellent Job! Amazing Seller ! - very professional and dependable. 2 way thumbs up as usual .

  • Xanvier
    Xanvier 9 months ago

    Wow , this is amazing ! a genius seller! im very happy with the results! i will order again soon . 2 way thumbs up here!!

Buyers Comments

  • jbravo

    Pls send me a sample.
    Thx in advance

    6 months ago
  • kapuk

    I've ordered a lot wiki links from him . But I asked him to replace my wiki link many times when it's dead just only 1 day and he ignore my request. I have a lot of site needing the wiki links but it's make me to confuse to take another other orders from him.

    6 months ago
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