Can a Youtube channel owner remove comments?

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Can a Youtube channel owner remove comments?

Is the owner of a YouTube channel allowed to remove any comments he doesn't like?


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Hello sanfora,
Yes indeed. As the owner of a youtube channel you have every right to moderate your channel. Just like moderators on internet forums. They handle spam, edit and remove comments or rude replies etc. That's a typical day for a moderator of any kind.

Remove, report, or hide comments

When someone comments on your video, you'll get a notification. Click the arrow in the upper right of the comment to manage comments:

Remove: Take down the comment and replies from YouTube.
Report spam or abuse: Report comments that you believe are spam or abuse to the YouTube team.
Hide from channel: Block the user from posting comments on videos on your channel. If you change your mind, you can remove the user from the hidden users list in your community settings.

You can find more detailed information here about this:

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Hi YouTube one of the most popular social media in internet. And that is why many people using such great social media for share and marketing your own things or business by creating Youtube channel. And people can leave comments on your channel and video what they think. And as a owner of YouTube channel, you have right to modify all factors whatever comments.

If you do not want to any such comments you can remove anytime. You can also hid comments from your channel too. Here no doubt to remove any comments what you do not like.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Hi, Sanfora the answer is yes. You can moderate the comments posted on your YouTube channel. You can delete it as well but I don't recommend it. You should delete it only when it violates rules and contains a pornographic language. You should let the comments you receive because it is fair like all to express their opinion.

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We never bothered to check if the comment on the videos in our Youtube channel can be removed because anything is welcome for us. But I guess we are assuming that viewers of our videos are all decent and I now realize that there may be a troll or spammer somewhere who could spoil the fun. At least I now know that unsavory comments can be deleted. Thanks for the info.

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