[Need Help] - I want to rank down a YouTube video, How?

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[Need Help] - I want to rank down a YouTube video, How?

I uploaded a video on YouTube for a client. Now he wants that video to be deleted. I forgot my email ID which I used to signup with YouTube (cause it was too old), I tried a lot but I cant signing in to that account. Now I want to rank down that video on YouTube, that video is in top 10 ranking for a particular keyword. I want that video removed completely from the top 10 rankings.

So, is there any technique were in I can take down that youtube video like logging in to multiple accounts and then flagging that video, Or use SEnuke service to make LOTS of campaigns until and unless Google spam that video? Any idea or suggestions?

Help will be greatly appreciated.


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If you do not know your email address and its doing that good you shouldnt have a problem getting another to do as well, maybe you should just give it a try because other then disliking a video and bombing it with bad links you wont really effect it to much.

My best answer for you here is to go to youtube and contact them and explain what is going on then they should have no problem helping you or contacting Google since it has to be a Google email and I know from experience Google has a very good lost email/password department however if you flood it with bad passwords you can lose it forever or least till they answer and thats pretty much never so I hope this helped but seeing your question for what it is I dont think it did. ;)

But if you are wanting to help you new video you cant contact me we provide Youtube subscribes, likes, and views (Contact me)

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If you have the possibility flag the hell out of it and even go for a fake DMCA, it would be eventually deleted.

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Pardon me for this comment but I guess that video will be there until you find your password for your Youtube account because it will remain just like that forever. If you want to rank down that particular video maybe you can try posting dislikes and negative comments but I doubt if that can do good for your intention. Sorry but I cannot see the point in ranking down that video which appears to be not yours anymore.

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