Has the real-time Google Penguin 4 Algorithm been released?

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Has the real-time Google Penguin 4 Algorithm been released?

I have read a few articles about the real time Google Penguin 4 algorithm. From what I read, originally, Google confirmed the real time algorithm in 2015 and it was expected to be released during early 2016 but it was then changed to the first quarter of 2016. However, I can't find any recent information about it. I recently did some searches for topics on my website and see that Google indexes them on the same day. Do you know anything about the Google Penguin 4 Algorithm? Has the real time Penguin 4 algorithm been released?

Apparently, this algorithm update will mean that pages will be indexed in real time so if you generate a large amount of spammy backlinks, you will receive a penguin penalty instantly. However, this also means if you disavow the links then you may instantly get the penalty removed. Will it really work like this?

How will this algorithm affect the SERP of our websites? Does that mean we need to slow down the rate we create backlinks to avoid getting penalized?


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What is a Penguin penalty and why is it sanctioned on a site that has many backlinks? If I am Google, I would appreciate the big number of backlinks that a site has because spreading those backlinks involved time and effort. And what’s the issue with spamming of backlinks? Let’s not forget that posting your backlink on other sites is a promotional activity so I am wondering why Google is seeing too many promotions as spamming.

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