What should you consider before hiring a freelancer?

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What should you consider before hiring a freelancer?

There are thousands of freelancers who offer their services online. Such services vary and one can safely say that whatever type of service one might need it can easily be found for sale by a freelancer online. But, many people are reluctant to hire a freelancer. They might think that it is difficult to trust someone online, that the service may not be good enough, or that there might be payment problems. In order to avoid these doubts, what are the most important things one should consider before hiring a freelancer online?


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When I hire a freelancer, the first thing I look at is reviews. If the reviews are bad or there are a good number of negative reviews, then I won’t consider the freelancer. There may be fake reviews online, therefore, freelancer websites like SEO Clerks becomes useful as they ensure only customers can leave reviews. Previously, I have been looking at SEO services here at SEO Clerks and I mainly just purchased services from people who have at least a rating of 99.9% who is at least level 3. Since freelancing website keep the payment until the job is completed, I won’t need to worry about payment problems. I also like to contact the freelancer for samples of work before hiring them. Once I find a good freelancer, I normally keep giving them work rather than find someone new.

Sometimes I also find freelancers on forums but when I do that, I only find trusted members who have at least a few thousand posts and a good reputation. My advice is that you should not choose random people who offer services for cheap just because you want to save money, but go to people who have been on specific websites for a long time and have a good reputation even if it means the cost is higher. This is from personal experience; I have tried this before where I paid 50% of the money for work and the freelancer never appeared again. Luckily, I got my money back through PayPal.

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When looking for a freelancer, it is best to go to a site that will help to manage this, such as SEOClerks. Hiring a freelancer is easy to do on SEOClerks. It is easy to communicate with other buyers and sellers, and if you have an issue then there is an excellent support team that will offer any help they can give. Using a platform like this will ensure that you will be paid if work is successfully completed.

Another great idea is to talk to the freelancer and ask questions about their work. Ask to see samples. If they are serious about being a freelancer, they should have a portfolio they can share with you. Or look at their previous ratings and recommendations. If they have many positives, there is a good chance that they will work out for what you are wanting to hire them for.

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I agree with you. At least in SEOClerks, you are somewhat assured of the integrity of the freelancer and more likely there is available sample of work right here in this site not to mention their work record, if any. And if a problem arises, there will be assistance provided to support you. With an independent freelancer, you don't really know what kind of worker he is.

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Definitely do your due diligence when hiring a freelancer.

SeoClerks helps with that since the reviews on services are from previous buyers and not people who received a "Review Copy" of the service. People who leave reviews based on a review copy are always going to be positive since it's an unwritten rule that you leave a positive review because you got a free service.

Let's say I'm not on SeoClerks and I'm looking to hire a freelancer for an SEO project I'm running. I will always go over these few things with them prior to purchasing from them.

  • How much do you charge for your services? (If the pricing isn't posted on their website.)
  • How long have you been doing this type of work for clients?
  • Do you have any example of work that I can see prior to purchasing? (A lot of times SEO people will not send you files because it would be the same as giving you a blueprint on how to do the work. This is normal and not a deal breaker.)
  • Do you have any current or past clients I can talk with to see what they thought of your service? (Again, they may not share this because you could just reverse engineer their process and get the blueprint. Not a deal breaker.)
  • How long will it take you to complete this job?
  • Do you give any type of guarantee or money back deal if you do not provide a finished product/work?
  • Do you guarantee #1 results for my difficult keywords? (This only applies to link building campaigns. If they say yes then you should run away as quick as you can and never look back. No one can guarantee you #1 results and the people who do, just want your money.)



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This is a great question and one that will surely help people to get the most out of their hired freelancer or SEO service. Here are 10 more questions you can ask them before you hire them along with reason why you should ask them these questions. Based on their answer you will then be able to know whether they are a good freelancer / SEO that you can hire.

  1. Do You Guarantee Number #1 Ranking In Google And Other Search Engines?
    Be very skeptical to any freelancer or SEO that guarantees number #1 rankings in Google or any search engine because nobody can guarantee this. In fact if anyone says yes to this you really shouldn't use them at all. A good skilled freelancer or SEO will not guarantee number #1 rankings but will guarantee to do the work that is known to improve search engine rankings.
  2. What Will You Do To Actually Improve My SEO In The Serp's?
    A good freelancer or SEO will be very clear to you about what methods they are going to adopt for improving your websites SEO. They should clearly explain to you the steps they are going to take in which to do that. Any freelancer or SEO that doesn't share with you exactly what it is they will be doing should be avoided. Because if they're not being transparent about that it could be that they will be doing some black hat method that you might not necessarily want applied to your sites SEO. A good freelancer or SEO will apply on-page SEO techniques such as weeding out and fixing broken pages, links and error pages. Good on-page SEO involves changing your sites internal linking structure and improving things like page titles, headings, tags etc too.
  3. Will You Abide By Google's Webmaster Guidelines?
    Google have made available to the public their best practices which should be adhered to. There are actually 12 prohibited things that they don't want you to do and these range from creating spammy content to including hidden text and links on a page. If the SEO or freelancer you're using doesn't adhere to these guidelines your site may suffer poor ranking or worse, end up completely removed from search results altogether. The same applies for Bing webmaster guidelines too.
  4. Can You Show Me A List Of Your Past Clients?
    Any good freelancer will have a list of past and current clients they've worked for or are currently working for. And while they can refuse to give you these clients because of confidentiality reasons, there should be no reason why they would not give you a list of their past clients if those clients were happy with the work that freelancer or SEO provided them. The only other reason that they would not give you this is because the work they done for them was not satisfactory and as such they don't want you to find out about that.
  5. Can You Improve My Local Search Results Too?
    If you're a brick and mortar business then improving your local search results will help you to gain customers and clients that are nearby to your business. So it's important from that perspective to only employ a freelancer/SEO that has experience in improving local search results as well as global search results. They may make changes to some of your existing pages titles so that your businesses city and state appear in your sites titles and meta descriptions too. That is just basic local SEO and any that say they can do it but not make these changes doesn't really know how to do it.
  6. Will You Tell Me About All The Changes That You Make On My Website?
    Good on-page SEO will require some changes be made to your website. And it would be important to know what those changes are exactly. However, there may be some cases where you simply don't want your sites content to be changed in any way at all for a number of reasons. Example being if you've optimized your titles to be a certain length. Also you'll want to know if they will be editing your existing content by adding more content into it so that they can include some more keywords that you are trying to rank for within that content. If they make those changes, they need to tell you about them.
  7. How Will I Know How Successful My SEO Campaign Is?
    So you can know just how successful the SEO campaign is, you will want to know the difference in traffic you're receiving and exactly where that traffic comes from. Whether its organic or referral or social media traffic for example. A good freelancer/SEO will be very experienced in using Google Analytics to keep track of your sites SERP rankings. As well as keep a record of how many backlinks your site has, what kind of things people are searching for to find your site and where your site was ranking for those searches. They will need to share this data with you and how they would use it to improve your SEO.
  8. What Ways Will Be Be Able To Communicate With Each Other?
    People are people and they have their own preferences of how they stay in touch with you. Some prefer to talk only by email, others by instant messaging (Skype etc) and some only like to talk in person on the phone only. So you will need to find a Freelancer/SEO that offers a method of communicating with you that you are happy with. For most people, email communication is enough, but others want to speak in person first to get a feel for the person who is going to be doing the work on their site first.
  9. How Much Do You Charge And How Can I Pay?
    Of course, how much you will pay for their services is a very important factor. But knowing how they charge and how they accept payment may be the swinging decider or you. Some charge an upfront payment, some charge by the hour, and some charge when the work is completed and send you an invoice. Also some only take payment by Paypal where as others may require payment by BACS or some other method. Make sure you know this first before you order as you don't want to hire a freelancer/SEO who takes payment in a method you cannot pay in.
  10. What Happens When All The Work Is Completed?
    Once the work has been successfully carried out and completed, you may still want to stay in communication with the freelancer in case any changes are needed later on. You'll also want to know if they charge for that privilege too. These are things that you should ask before you enter into a contract with them so that there are no pitfalls for you later on down the line!

Knowing these will help you make a better decision about who to hire for your freelance or SEO needs.

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I always do three things before I hire anyone.

First of all I take a look at their feedbacks. Negative vs positive. And I'm also reading some of their latest ones just to make sure the recent buyers have been satisfied. Secondly, I take a look at their recommendations and the response time. I like to work with people who responds quickly and after that, I might even send them a private message. The last mentioned thing is not always done as it depends on the service I'm after. However, if it's anything writing related for instance, I always do this as their response will be my "free test-drive" of their services. I'm not that quick to judge people in general but when it comes to business I'm always a bit picky and a bit careful. I also question the seller about things within their description in case I'm uncertain of specific things.

Best Regards,

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What I need to hire a freelancer I take a look at the following:

The person rating, good if the person rating is above 4 star.

Look at the reviews on the seller page,more positive more likelihood of being hired

look at the level of recommendations
Check out the sample work to ascertain quality.
Try to find out time of response and delivery, wouldn't love to hire a novice at all.

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