i do't know.what is freelancer?

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i do't know.what is freelancer?

hi, i am happy the joined in seo clerks market place company. it is one subjecet but not understand that i on't know what ies thefreelancer?many many account list in the free account is free lancer list.but why. and what is banifit in the free lancer give me answer.


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Hi raha, "freelancers" is a pretty new option on seoclerks. It is a listing of all members on the site who achoose to be listed. The purpose is to help buyers find and contact sellers (freelancers ) for job they need.
You can also remove your listing if you don't want to be shown there:
on your settings turn "off" show your account in the members list, it will remove you from list. 
for more information check out FORUM here :

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Hi aha,

The Freelancers page is just a member list of SEOClerks that shows some information about what the user has done within SEOClerks in terms of feedback and Recommendations recevied from other users as well as their User Level and average response time.


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Freelancers  a method this is outsourcing. anything you want to done according to the requirements from your website. there are limitations of making money as a freelancer.  but freelance is a most popular website for outsourcing.

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Freelancers is a page where seoclerks members put post of new info for seoclerks users , freelancers is safe and cooperative website in the view of outsourcing .

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