Can I rank #1 for the keyword phrase "horror movies"?

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Can I rank #1 for the keyword phrase "horror movies"?

I am interested in getting my domain to rank #1 for the term "horror movies". It is a very competitive keyword phrase. My url is For many years, my competitors have ranked above me and I would like to take their spots and make it difficult for them to pass me up in the future. Sites like,, and the biggest one of all lead the pack. I need to know if it is work going after this keyword phrase.
Is it possible to gain top rank? Should I look at a different set of keywords to rank #1 at?


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The answer is yes.  However, it will be a lot of work because it is a very competitive keyword/phrase.  The competition for this term have very deep pockets and resources and can throw a lot of money at it to stay in the number 1 position.  I would suggest that you look for long tail keywords as your business model and grow it from here, unless budget isn't a concern.

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Ya, It can be, just contant me. I create formula to rank you desired keyword. It is not easy. But it can be. I can provide you some service that can bring you to the top on google page with "horror movies" anchor text. Just contant me Can I rank #1 for the keyword phrase "horror movies"?

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this keyword is very difficlut it can take many months to rank first page on google, it's your choice to go for it if you have good experience in seo methods

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Yes, it's Very Competitive, Keywords, if you are Good enoughf in SEO then move for it. And start work on daily base, Create quality back links and boost rank high. but it will take several month not a easy.

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Longtail keywords are king/queen when it comes to ranking and traffic.

Look at it this way. Compete with ten million other sites over one keyword? For what, a chance to sit on page 100 for years? Or, cut right to the front of the line in search for a longtail keyword phrase that gets 500 or 1000 daily searches? That 1000 might not seem like a lot to you, but those people will be way more interested in 'gory horror movies' than 'horror movies' (generic anyway).

Now, what if you had 100 longtail keywords with low competition, but still well searched? All those little rivers of traffic would add up in your favor.

Start by making a list of words and phrases that go along with your genre/site and then see if some would be a good keyword phrase - there are plenty of keyword tools online to check the popularity of any given keyword.

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You can rwachnumber one spot with the keywords "horror movies" however, if you use niche keywords, the process will be really fast. You can use niche keyphrase like classic horror movies, top-grossing horror movies, best horror movies etc. Since there are niche keywords, you can beat your competitors. You also have to use these keywords as the title of your contents.

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If you will read carefully the comments above, you will get a consensus that the phrase “horror movies” can get you on top of the ranking for keywords. However, you can also take note that the keyword for the subject of this discussion is a common phrase that thousands will be like that, exactly like that. How would you place the competition if there are so many keywords just like yours?

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