What are out bound Links?

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What are out bound Links?

hello every body
i am interested about an out bound link (OBL) or outgoing link is a link from your website or webpage to another website or webpage. There are so many SEO Spamming Techniques are available. please please help me, if you know this question answer, so please answer me. Best regards thank you.


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These are the links pointing to other websites from your website and you have more control over these links. People have different views about outbound links and many say that it is against the SEO rules and search engines can penalize you for doing this. This approach is wrong; I know Google cannot penalize me if I put a link to Google inside my post. My theory is that you should link to relevant content if it gives more information to your readers. Bloggers are of the view that you lose traffic when you put outbound links in your posts but if you share useful resources then chances are that your readers will stick to your blog and will come back in search of more useful resources. But if you do put outbound links in your posts then make sure they are pointing to relevant, original and informative content.

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