Do you use paid links?

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Do you use paid links?

Anyone on here with a site, do you use paid links? Why or why not? Are there disadvantages to using them?


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Well the only disadvantage I can think off is the budget. Paid links, well, they cost.

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If you have money to spend on links they will not do you any harm.

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Paid links have only advantages i think,the only disadvantage i can see is that you have to pay for the paid links..Do you use paid links?

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yes i use for paid links on my site, to make earning Do you use paid links?

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Yes absolutely i am using paid link for site benefit.

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I presume you mean links you've purchased for your site on another site. As opposed to selling links on your own site. Buying links is risky if Google find out you've been doing it and a lot of sites have been given a manual penalty for doing it. They don't want you to do it because the know it can artificially improve your SERP ranking and they want to use their own system of ranking sites so they can provide a better search experience to their users (searchers) and provide more relevant sites in that search. Not sites that have got there by cheating the system and buying their way to the top. That also would prefer you to use Adwords as well rather than doing that but that only works good for as long as you've found a winning formula that provides more back (ROI) each time than you invested and that's not exactly easy to find that especially for someone that doesn't have much experience using Adwords and running and maintaining PPC campaigns or have much knowledge or time for SEO. So the other alternative is to buy paid links on another site to get those backlinks from big sites to improve your rank with.

What the mistake a lot of webmasters who fell prey to a paid links penalty is having only paid links pointing to their site and not having other types of links that would come if your site was actually valuable to people and that a webmaster might reasonably build himself such as directory submissions, blog links, forum links and links from other places, not to mention your social media count. They didn't cover their end enough and make it all merge in together or got zealous or too greedy and purchased too many.

The thing is, Google has to know what's a paid link and what's advertising. It can't punish you for advertising which every webmaster will likely do at some point on a site of interest to them if its available. But it has to know the difference between what's an advertisement and what's a paid link. For an experienced SEO such as those on Google web spam team that's not too hard. If they find one, they can find others and if you have them only and no other type of SEO you can't really blame them for the penalty if it comes.

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