How to marketing my service ?

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How to marketing my service ?

Hi all we are creating many services and sometimes we create more quality gigs. And we are waiting for orders. But when we create gig we hope to sell services a few times but alas! After a month we are notified that we are not selling any service which I give it 100% to.

It destroys our mind to work and upset to jobs. Its occur that maybe level 1, 2 seller.

After all that have any idea? How to market my services? How to get more orders?



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Submit your gigs to social networking sites and social bookmarkig sites to get more orders. SEO clerks also offer you this facility. you can easily submit to these sites without any hesitation

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Advertise your services on 3rd party sites, make sure to get ratings from your customers so you get more sales, offer bonuses and discounts to increase sales. This is generally what I do to get more sales.

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To sell your services, you need to be active on the site and bump them regularly so that they show up at the top of the category that you have it listed in. Also you should make sure your gigs are properly formatted, have no spelling mistakes or grammar errors and lazy, sloppy text. People like to buy from professional people and one way to show you are a professional is to put more emphasis on the quality of the text and words you use in your gigs making sure they are all properly formatted and nothing is out of place. Dot the i's, cross the t's, that kind of thing. And use high quality images that stand out from the rest. Also make sure your service is a reasonable price. At first you may have to sell it a bit cheaper just to get the sales but then when you start making some sales and have built up some nice positive feedback on that gig then you can put the price up a bit. This is a tactic many people use and there's nothing wrong with that provided you don't jack the price up too much!

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