google adsense doesnot support photoblogs?

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google adsense doesnot support photoblogs?

I am looking forward to start a photo gallery kind of blog but i read it somewhere that google doesnot allows that their ads be placed anywhere around images .... so will it be a waste of me to start a photoblog ??

Because my blog will contain only photos not any content so i was thinking of placing ads around those images itself ......please help !!!!

thanks in advance


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hi dear
i thing you are correct Google absence doesnot suport to photo blogs but if you have huge traffic from search engines Google absolutely prefer your blog . and you will get google adsens for your account.

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Yes Google is no more supporting Photo blogs, but i would like to suggest you to go with idea if your idea is really solid.If you get good traffic i am sure you will make good money with AdSense alternatives. Further if you want to stick with Adsense .. i would suggest you to go with Micro Niche Sites. You can build your own MNSs or you can buy those in market. Just Google Buy MNS..

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I have had a photo blog with me. At that time what I did was, I just typed few sentences explaining/highlighting the essence of the photo. But I really don't know if it's exactly comply with their guidelines. However I know that it won't violate their TOS.

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yes you are correct adsense won't allow the photoblogs . but if you really wanted to create images site i have best php script and yes they support google adsense too seo frendly..

if want just contact me.. google adsense doesnot support photoblogs?

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This will probably make your photo blog work for adsense: Simple write a short description (paragraph or 2) to go with each photo. This ways it's not just a photo but actual content. You can write a description or personable experience behind the photo or anything else you can think of.

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If you want to launch a photoblog and use adsense on your blog, you will have to follow some requirements.
One of the Adsense criteria is having written contents. Google Adsense wants written content. Therefore, instead of posting only photos, you can develop photo stories. Get some photos and develop a story around the photos. Your text should be at least 300 words. For example, you traveled to Greece. You have a great photo collection. Choose photos you want to publish. Write about the photos, such as where were these photos taken, what's in the photo, how you took these photos. I think writing on your own phots will not be very difficult. Now publish your photos along with the text. If you have over 20 photo stories, you can apply for adsense. having a photoblog does not mean you cannot have text.

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