what is wb site fliping?

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what is wb site fliping?

I am a permanent seller of seo clerks . I do not know web site fliping . Please any body tell me about web site fliping.If its part of seo clerks but why do not.I do not think this. please help me .I will proud of you .lot of thanks avrybody.


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Here it is "Website flipping is the art of buying, improving and selling websites." Hope this little line helped you what is wb site fliping? for more information Google it, they can explain you really well.

- Sunil Bishnoi

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This is what I do on one hand. Domain flipping is simple as buying domain name cheaply and selling it off at higher amount. Of course before you settle for a name you have to do some researches so as to pick the right domain name that will have good returns and sell in time.

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I have read in another discussion that website flipping is actually the buying and selling of websites. It is also new to me and I was surprised that you can earn from buying a cheap website and then recondition it with a better design and more traffic and then you sell can it for a profit. But I guess only the professionals can do that because ordinary mortals like us don’t know much about the technical side of websites.

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