What's Going On With Account??

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What's Going On With Account??

Well, Last Night I Received Big Orders From Some New Account Like 60$ , 80$ etc and I was suppose to complete them in morning and then all of them got cancelled by administrator and accounts are deleted, what if i had done there work?? What's going on is there some kinda bug?

Please fix this issue..Asap


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Hello klo1029

It sounds that the buyer were a cheater, and seoclerks found out of it. I don´t think, that there is a bug, that have made the orders ;)
If you had done the job, i guess that you could contact the support to get payed. But we will never find out.

Regards Amalie ;)

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Hi klo1029,

That is not a bug of any kind, it's simply users being removed from SEOClerks who are fraudulent. This is to protect Sellers from continug on with any sales that have been purchased through fraudulent means.


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Seoclerks staff probably found out that the buyer has fraud issues and scammed sellers before so that's why they deleted his account. Always check the buyer's account you would find any warnings that would make you aware.

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