How to rank with Bing?

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How to rank with Bing?

I am very familiar with google and to be safe with ranking and all the rules but I am also interested in getting my site ranked with yahoo and bing. Is there anything special that i should do with Bing that would be helpful or are does Bing rank the same as Google?


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Initially Submit your Website into Bing Webmaster Tool by HTML Verification/ TXT Verification!

That's the basic First Step, later you have much more options when you did this Completed.

--Hope it Helps!

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Bing doesn't rank the same as Google ranks sites no. You will often find a site ranking in Bing that isn't even in the top 100 Google results for the same keyword. We don't think Bing or Yahoo have spent as much money or invested as much into their search algorithms as Google have done. These days, a lot of people claim its much easier to rank highly in Bing or Yahoo compared to Google because they still use older basic algorithms to score and rank sites in the SERPS. There is nothing "special" you should do to rank with Bing that you shouldn't already do with Google. Having said that, you can often use some of the older tricks used to rank sites in Google, to get Bing to rank your site high too. These can include a bunch of web 2.0 links, some social bookmarks and some links on other popular platforms to create a diverse backlink structure. But you might not even need to do that. Just add your site to Bing Webmaster Tools and update your site with fresh unique on-topic content regularly to keep the Bing spiders coming back to your site every day for a few weeks and that might be all you need to do. Next project! ;)

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Contact with a good and qualified SEO service provider. I hope you will get a better answer for your question. Which will help you to get your site ranking higher.


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Yes, bing seo is extremely important since its crawling to popularity over the months.
The top five key findings were:
(1) Top rank on Bing, as they do in Google.
(2) Backlink numbers are linked to higher rankings on Bing
(3) Social signals closely linked to higher rankings
(4) Quality content is important for search rankings
(5) On page technical factors.

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Pardon me for saying this – I have come across maybe more than 50 discussions about Bing as if Bing has something special with the members of this site. Anyway, we know that the SEO work that we do for search engines will be applicable to all search engines to we cannot say how to get a higher ranking with Bing. All we can do is to continue with the SEO work and hope that your site’s ranking in Bing improves.

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