do-follow vs no-follow links?

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do-follow vs no-follow links?

Hello again,
We all know that there two types of backlinks tags. One is do-follow and another is no-follow. So here my question is which type of backlinks is more important in SEO and link building? Many sellers are offering both no-follow and do-follow backlinks.If both the backlinks are required than how to know which backlinks is no-follow and which is do-follow?



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That would be do-follow links because no-follow links aren't ones that help rank your site higher. Do-Follow links however will help raise your ranking of your website to help you get more visits and such on your website. So if you are looking to make your site grow more, your best bet is to get Do-Follow links to help your site grow.

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I have also read in another discussion that the no-follow link has no advantage for your site regarding search engines because the no-follow link is not recognized or has no value with search engines. You always have to settle for the do-follow links so that your site will have some benefits from the search engines regarding the backlinks that you have spread in the internet.

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Every SEO person Knows about Do follow and no follow. Google only follow the do follow links. For that reason every person wants to create dofollow links for their website or blog. So that do follow will wins.

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