getting problems while bumping...what should i do?

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getting problems while bumping...what should i do?

I am continuously getting problems on seo clerks while bumping..
when i bump on gmail or on facebook etc..
there comes an error written.. "Ur id will be blocked if u will promote any other services or services related to any other site..."
so what should i do??
where should i bump??


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When you bump your service the service will be visible on the first page of SEOClerks marketplace. Bumping has nothing to do with Facebook, Gmail or any other social media platform.

You can find more information regarding bumps here:
How To Use The Bump Feature?

However, if you are talking about sharing your services, then I would understand. SEOClerks links have been blocked numerous times from both Facebook and twitter, and when you are trying to share your service url for instance, Facebook will tell you that you're trying to include a link in your post from a site being blocked by facebook.

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