How To Use The Bump Feature?

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How To Use The Bump Feature?

The screenshots below will show you how to bump your service.

1. Browse any of your services you'd like to bump. Look to the left side of the service and you'll see this:

How To Use The Bump Feature?

2. After pressing that you'll come to a page that looks like this:
How To Use The Bump Feature?

As you can see, I have no paid bumps to use and would need to use my free bumps I've earned.

After pressing the "Free Bump" or "Paid Bump" button your service will become visible at the top of the first page on the marketplace.

Here's how you earn Free Bumps:

  • Earn one free bump per day for logging in (1 per account and all linked)
  • Complete an order on time (2 per day)
  • Generate an affiliate sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
  • Generate a service sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
  • Create/ask a new topic/question on the FAQ (2 per day)

You can also purchase bumps and they come in 3 different packages.


When do you think people are online?
At what time do you think potential clients are browsing the marketplace?
There's actually a great way to get quite satisfying results and I'll show you how!

First of all, check the amount of views your service has. Let's say it's 100. Bump that service at a specific time, (8 AM for instance).

Leave it at that and come back tomorrow and see how many views your service has today. (In this scenario we'll say you have 105.) That equates to 5 new views during this time.

This day, you'll bump your service at 3 PM instead. Compare the results the next day and keep doing this until you reach satisfying results. So, bump your services, compare the results from this day to the next and bump at another time. Keep doing this until you're satisfied with the results. Until you feel you've gained enough new views.

This process can take anything between 2-3 days to 7-10 days. That depends on how much effort and time you're willing to sacrifice by doing this.

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Wow, this is a great "How To" tutorial on how to bump How To Use The Bump Feature?

Well written and the images make it easier to follow along.

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This is a great guide on using the free bump feature, but can you add further details about how to use the paid bumps as well? Very useful suggestion on how to determine the best time to use your bumps.

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