How long will it take to get my site listed in Google's Natural or Organic listings?

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How long will it take to get my site listed in Google's Natural or Organic listings?

How long will it take to get my site listed in Google's Natural or Organic listings? I asked and I answered - that true?
A.  This depends on many factors.  Be aware that getting â??listedâ?? and getting good positioning in the search engine results pages (SERP) are two entirely different things.  Getting listed is fairly easy but the most important issue is getting good organic positioning so we will discuss this here.
In short, it could take anywhere from one month to up to several years to achieve favorable positioning in Google.
Some determining factors on achieving good position are:

    Web Site Optimization â?? Is you site optimized correctly for your relevant keyword phrases?
    Inbound Links â?? Do you have many relevant, high PR (PageRank) links that point to your site?  This is as important as the optimization itself!
    Search Engine Friendly Site â?? Does your site have any barriers that would block search engine spiders?
    How long has your site been online?  The newer the site, the longer it will take to achieve good positioning due to all the factors listed here.
    New sites generally have a zero or very low Page Rank.  Established sites that rank at the top generally have a higher page rank.  PageRank is gained by building inbound links from authoritative and credible sites.
    Download the Google Toolbar to check your PR.
    How much competition do you have?  New sites in highly competitive categories have an uphill battle.  There are no quick solutions so settle in for the long haul.  With perseverance, proper execution, and lots of hard work, good results can be achieved.
    Use â??White Hatâ?? or Ethical SEO techniques.
    Have you submitted press releases for Web/News syndication, Setup a YouTube channel with your video, setup social media accounts?  All of these are important aspects of modern SEO.
    Are you keeping your content fresh by adding new content, articles, blogs on a regular basis?  Search Engines love fresh, original content.
    Have you built an XML Sitemap and submitted to Google correctly?

These are only some of the factors that will effect how fast your site will get good positioning in Google.
Beware:  There are many unscrupulous SEO companies out there that will tell you they can get you front page positioning in two weeks. That should raise a big red flag with you.  See our SEO FAQ for how to spot a phony SEO firm.


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Usually it takes about 3 weeks. During the time Google monitors the site activities and will list it accordingly eventually. The whole process usually takes 3 weeks. In other cases it can take upto 2 months...

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Google doesn't require more time to index any newly formed website or webpage. There are various Pinger by using that we can easily index our site in Google but in general Google takes at max 10 days to index a new site. 

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It will depend on site overview like how much site is optimized,site has good quality content,good domain and good no of back links. You can manage your site by online tools like ViduPM to make more SEO friendly site.

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