Avoid Getting ADsense Account Blocked ?

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Avoid Getting ADsense Account Blocked ?

I am interested in participating in Adsense but I keep reading stories about people who had large sums of money hundreds and even thousands of dollars and when it comes time for Google to cut them a check they block their account without giving just cause. Is this isolated to people doing Blackhat stuff or is it a ploy used by Google to stiff the little guy ? Any insight or feedback would be most appreciated


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Read the AdSense rules and follow them:

If you follow them to the letter, you most likely won't get your account blocked. I've been using AdSense for the past couple years with no hiccups.

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I've heard stories too, which is why I've been skeptical.

My advice is to be careful. Look for other means to get revenue, and do not rely on Google Adsense as your main cash flow. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Good Luck

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