How to get unblocked from Akismet?

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How to get unblocked from Akismet?

I was testing some new software for mass blog commenting, social bookmarking and stuff and somehow I forgot to check "use proxies" button. Now it seems my IP has been marked as spam, so my comments on WP sites with Akismet are going directly to spam. What to do?


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I know that this is old now, and probably insignificant to you now, and you're hopefully not doing any more of that kind of stuff because not only is it blackhat SEO, it's just bad SEO altogether. This is why using tools like that are so dangerous because it's so easy to make mistakes like that which can backfire on you like that such as getting your IP address blocked. However, I would presume you had a domestic broadband connection with some ISP and as such, that would mean you have a dynamic IP address and not a static one. As such, your IP address would likely change and you'd have a new one every morning after turning your PC/router on. So your IP address would be different and you'd never use that same IP address again anyway.

However, there are ways you could go about getting your IP address unblocked from Akismet back then as well. You can contact Akismet and ask them to un-ban your IP address. But as you're not going to ever have that same IP address there might not really be any point. As for those blogs that had flagged you as Spam, you could contact them and politely ask them to change your status back to "no spam" but as you submitted to so many of them, that is highly unlikely and also, if those blogs are being spammed it is likely they aren't maintained by the webmasters anyway. That's another reason not to submit to these sorts of sites because you'll be sharing pages that have hundreds if not thousands of links on them and some of them could be very shady links you might not want to share that site/page with.

There really is no need to use mass submission tools these days. You can do white hat SEO that is much safer for your site and works much better than blackhat SEO like that and doesn't get you a penalty if Google figures out you've been doing it. You can also buy excellent white hat services here on SEOClerks too by some very experienced, professional white hat SEO's who will be able to do high quality white hat SEO on your site which will be free of any kind of caveats such as you experienced. Just check out the SEO Marketplace and sort by top rated or most orders to find the best white hat SEO services for very reasonable prices which are much safer to do on your site. How to get unblocked from Akismet?

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