Help the newbie...

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Help the newbie...

Hey guys, I am new to seoclerk and I need help on my first sale. How to bring the audience to my service page and get things started?


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Hi ebarathkumar.

I See your Profiles now, I Think I am Already Find The Solution For You.
1. Make a Lots Of Services First (Minimum 5 Services), Because You Need More Services Not Just 1.
2. Make The Prices As Low As Possible, You Need Customer and Rating Not Money First.
3. Make more Good Description to Explain Your Product
4. After 3 Steps Ahead, Go Promote Your Services Through all Social Media.
5. You Can Order My "2D Animated Whiteboard Explainer Video For Bussiness Purpose" Services To Explain More about your services then place it in the Description Or Introduction in your Services.

Thats All my Advice, I Hope it can help you little by little

Thank You
- Rehiga

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You First need to dig deep into your pockets, pull out a few thousand bucks, then use that to market your products here on "SEOCLERKS FEATURE SERVICE." you will not be surprised to see your Services sell like hotcakes afterwards.

Welcome to Da Club!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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