4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

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4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

There are thousands of businesses started each day, and hundreds of thousands of websites launched.  This means that SEO services can be cashing in, but what if you don't have the money to pay for them?  Do you put off your SEO tactics until you can afford them, or do you start on your own and hope you don't mess anything up?

Well, you should be doing your SEO in the beginning but not pushing yourself too hard.  You probably won't have a few hours each day to do all the work needed to run a large SEO campaign, which is good in the beginning.  You should focus on little things related to SEO and be taking care of your business, managing sales, and trying to brand your company as much as possible.

It takes a long time to take root and bring in results
You shouldn't worry too much about SEO in the beginning because it takes a long time to see your work take root.  You could be placing backlinks all day long and not see a spike in rankings for a few months.  This is why I tell startups to focus on their business and drop links in niche related websites when they come across them.  This way, they're not wasting their time searching for blogs, forums, and other websites to place content with backlinks in them so they'll get a boost in the rankings. 

You should focus on your business first and do SEO gradually as it comes to you.  Think of this as a slow game towards SEO since you're stumbling upon the places where you'll put your backlinks lol 4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

SEO compiles, and if done right, it will put you at #1
When you're doing SEO and running a business, it can be difficult, but you need to remember that if you're doing it right, you will likely rank over time.  The good thing about SEO is that it will compile, usually for the better, and that will help you over time if you keep on the right path.

Placing backlinks on high quality niche related websites will always help you in the long run.  If you're doing this a few times a week, you will notice your rankings going up, and one day they will spike to the first page.  This is where you'll get more traffic, sales, and you might want to start thinking about bringing an SEO specialist on board to keep you at #1 4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

Brings in a steady stream of customers
If you're doing it right, your SEO tactics will help bring in a steady stream of customers because you're ranking for long term keywords.  You might even rank for some more difficult keywords and get flooded with traffic, but that doesn't happen for most startups.

SEO is loved by anyone that has invested time into it, did the right things, and didn't cut corners because it works well at bringing in the traffic and sales.  Sure, you might not see results for a few months, maybe a year, but once you see the traffic start to trickly in you'll get excited 4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

It's FREE!  Yes, you can do it on your own
One of the greatest things about SEO is that you can do it for free whenever you want.  You don't have to set a schedule, pay for time, or anything like that.  If you come across a place where you would like to put your link, slap that baby in there and hope it sticks lol 4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

Final Thoughts,
If you're thinking of starting a business today, then you should also think about where you're going to place your backlinks.  You don't have to go crazy with your SEO, but you shouldn't put it on the back burner until your business is well established, so start thinking about it now before your competitors take over your niche and leave you in the dust!

Thanks for reading 4 reasons every startup should focus on SEO from day 1

Tommy Carey


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