How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

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How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Many people have written about this in the past, but not many have been successful.  I think I'm one of the few out there that have been successfully running adwords campaigns for my affiliate sites over the last 10+ years and have no plan on stopping lol.

I won't go into depth about what I promote, but it's usually in the SEO/Marketing industry, and it will always have a high payout or recurring commission structure, so I make more over time.  If you're familiar with affiliate marketing in the SEO and Marketing industry, then you probably know what platforms I'm pushing traffic to How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Now then, lets jump into it, shall we.

Always use an opt-in form
One of the best ways to utilize Adwords for affiliate marketing is to build traffic to your website and then get them to sign up for your newsletter, where you can push affiliate links to them.  I've noticed that incentives always work best to get sign-ups, but you'll have to be careful with this type of marketing because Google has a thing against "freebies" being handed out to build lists.  They won't go out in the open and say, "Don't give away something for free to build an email list!" so never mention it's free in your opt-in form. 

What you can do is say something like, "Download my 398-page guide to website design, marketing, SEO, social media, and more!" and you should be fine.  If you were to say, "Sign up to download my FREE guide," then you might land in hot water with the Google Gods.

Use an exit-intent form
One of my favorite things to do is use an exit-intent popup to generate additional signups for my email list.  I will have it only show when the person performs an action that shows they're about to leave my site, which will trigger the popup.  The text on my popup is usually "Leaving so soon?  Sign up for our Newsletter to receive tips, tricks, and advice every week to help your website!" and it seems to work fine.  I would love to use "Don't miss out!  Sign up for our FREE guide to make $1,000+ a day with our services!" but that will get me banned rather quickly lol How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Never advertise your affiliate link
If you want to get your account suspended right away, advertise your affiliate link directly within Adwords, and you can kiss your account goodbye lol.  Now, if you want to be strategic about this, you will add your affiliate link to your website and advertise the page it is on, a page that has content and looks natural, and it will get accepted rather quickly. 

Normally, in the past, it took 24-48 hours to get a campaign approved within Adwords, but I've noticed that time is getting lower and lower each year.  I set up a new campaign for one of my websites, one that has affiliate links on it, and the campaign was approved within 3 hours!  Not bad at all How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Success rates when using 3rd party websites
If you've made it this far, you now know how to set up an Adwords campaign and run it in a way so you can make affiliate commissions from the programs and sites you're promoting.  What you'll likely want to know is how successful this is if people have to click through to another website for you to hopefully make a sale.

Well, the statistics on this might not be appealing, but at least you're profitable, and that's the end goal.  You won't make as much as if you were promoting your website because people wouldn't have to click away from the site they landed on, but you will still make a decent amount if your links are in the right places.  My affiliate links are within my navigation menu, which tends to get clicked often, so those precious cookies are getting placed on my visitor's computers and the company I'm promoting now retargets them How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Final Thoughts,
Affiliate marketing and Adwords isn't something you can set up overnight, let run continuously, and think you're going to strike it rich.  You have to monitor everything very cautiously and make sure you don't slip up.  If you get caught doing this, you will get banned, and there's no getting back on Adwords unless you get a new address/IP/ISP/Computer/Name/etc. Lol.  So, play it safe How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Thanks for reading How to successfully pair Adwords with Affiliate Marketing

Tommy Carey


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