How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

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How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

Hi Everyone
My Name is Rehiga Muktilana

Can Someone Help me What to do to Create Good Article to Promote my Services in the Guest Post?
I am Already Know The Best Guestpost Websites, so I Need to Know How to Create Guest Post Perfectly

Honestly, I want My "Whiteboard Animation Video For Explainer And Advertisement Purpose" Services to be in Demand Because I want to Get Level 2 as a Seller.
Any Help Would be Appreciated.

Thank You.
Your Sincerely Rehiga


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Hey Rehiga,

A good guest post will add value to the website it's going on. Think of what the website you're posting to is lacking and pitch an article based on that to the admins of that blog or site. They will either come back and love your idea and ask you to write it for them or they will ignore your request and you'll never hear from them again.

Guest posting is thought to be easy, but real guest posting is actually pretty difficult, and this is because you need to write countless unique articles to post on all of these websites but a majority of the time you'll be sending out requests and dealing with rejection or ghosting. You'll put more work into contacting various websites than you will actually writing the content lol.

What I like doing is contact the company or website and offer them my writing services for free. I'll explain how long I've been doing SEO, content writing, SEM, etc. and they will understand I know what I'm doing. I will do keyword research and choose keywords I know they'll naturally rank for in a month or two and I'll also throw in some more competitive ones that they can select from. I'll write up some basic templates for the keywords, which are basically the titles and sub-titles for the article, then I'll send it over and say "I'll write any one of these articles or all of them, and you won't have to pay me for them." I'll usually get a few responses right away asking for some content, but I'd say 90% of the time I don't hear back from people How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

You can even write up a detailed discussion here talking about your whiteboard video services and target the keywords "Whiteboard Explainer Video" and "Whiteboard Animation Video" and you might get your discussion ranked naturally in the SERPs (search engine results pages) naturally and pull in some traffic that way. You can then use the anchor "Whiteboard Explainer Video" or "Whiteboard Animation Video" and aim the link at your service in order to encourage the search engines to follow through the link and check you out.

Think of guest posting the same as if you were to start a business. Figure out what the niche and industry are lacking, build something that fills that void, and try to solve a problem at the same time. You can do this with guest posting by researching what the website or blog isn't covering, writing the content for them, and making sure the content will get engagement by their readers.

I hope that helps you out a bit How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

- Tommy

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Hi, Tommy

Your Information Is So Amazing, Thank You
And 1 More, Can you give me Some Example of Guest Post For my "Whiteboard Videos"?
Any help Will be Appreciated How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

Thank You,
Yours Sincerely, -Rehiga

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A guest post is just an article you would put on your own blog in order to get better rankings and pull in traffic.

Companies that accept guest posts understand you'll get a backlink in exchange for some high quality content, so be sure to write something about whiteboard videos and use an anchor you're hoping to rank for.

Some of these websites will allow you to use a signature where you can write a little snippet about yourself and your services, which is where you can link to your services again How To Create Good Guest Post in Another Sites??

All you need to do is write up some great content, submit a proposal to niche specific sites asking if they'd be interested in your content, then submit it to the websites that need the content.

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