3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

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3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

Everyone is trying to make some extra cash online as a side business but there are the few of us who are trying to go 100% online and make a full-time cash flow so we don't have to work a 9-5 ever again.  In this discussion, I'll be going over the top three ways to make money online without investing more than you can afford to lose.  If you can't work with the methods I list below because the startup costs are too much, you might want to start saving up and invest it later when you can.

Dropshipping Websites
A ton of people are jumping on the eCommerce craze due to Shopify being a house name now.  I've talked to loads of people who don't work online and they all know what Shopify is, which tells me there is a crazy amount of bad websites out there for you to dominate lol 3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

Dropshipping is where you sell someone else's products and when you make a sale on your own website the manufacturer will ship their product in your name to your client.  This means you can have absolutely no inventory stacked up in a warehouse but make your website look like you have more products than Amazon and you're instantly an authority.

I like using the AliDropship plugin for my dropshipping sites since it does a majority of the heavy lifting for me, but that one plugin is $100 so you might want to start this off on your own by uploading and editing manually.

Running a Successful Blog
Blogging is one of the easiest things to start because you can use a free theme on a cheap host until you start to get traffic coming in.  When you start to get more genuine comments, not comments from spam bots, you can invest in a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest and increase your hosting limits if needed.

You will need to create massive amounts of crafty content in order to keep people interested in your blog.  If you're posting basic information and not formatting it at all, you will attract the search engines but the real people will leave immediately.

Do this for long enough and you can get sponsors to pay you for ad placements and those contracts usually last for a minimum of 12 months 3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

Reselling Digital Services
I've done this in the past and I still do it today because it works really well to make some extra cash.  I will list services on my own website and sell them for $XXX then I'll order them from the service provider for $XX and be a sort of middleman between the service provider and the customer.

You'll need to be a customer service ninja if you want this to work out well enough to quit your day job.  You will need a live chat option, a client dashboard so they can track progress, and all the bells and whistles so the client sees you as an authority and wants to stay signed up with you 3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

Final Thoughts
Making money online isn't difficult if you can think slightly different than the rest of the niche you're in.  I know plenty of people who are making $XXX,XXX per year and all of them thought a little different about their niche, tweaked something for their benefit, or filled a void within the industry that was in desperate need of a change.  You can do this as well, but be sure to do all the research you possibly can prior to launching, or your time will have been wasted.

Thanks for reading 3 Low-Cost Digital Startups That Could Make You Rich

- Tommy


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