How do you write a keyword rich title that gets clicks?

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How do you write a keyword rich title that gets clicks?

Just ranking in the top 10 spots isn't enough to get clicks. You can rank extremely high for a keyword or phrase but receive little or no clicks. My question is, how do you write titles that are keyword rich but also click worthy? The same goes for meta descriptions.


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As with anything, it all boils down to buyer motive, "what's in it for me?" If the buyer, shopper, search engine user doesn't see a win in doing something, they won't. If you word your title in such a way that it clearly shows a desirable benefit to your target site visitor, that person is more likely to click through when they see your title on search results. What you should say in that title (or description) is going to be wholly dependent on the product/site or service you offer and the person that uses it. Let your ideal site user lead the way; find out what they really want - the motives that compel them to action - then customize your site content, even meta-description and title accordingly.

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Coming up with the right title can make all the difference in the content. Coming at something at the right angle can make very attractive and enticing titles that make the user want to click! The best titles are ones that provide a solution to a problem to something the searcher is looking for. If you can identify a problem area and come up with a solution for it such as "How to Fix Your Blue Widget Yourself in 1 Day" when that is only usually available to do in some other way and take much longer, then that is a very clickable title because it's short and to the point and offers a solution to a problem.

Another example would be something like "Why this Blue Widget Can Give You Free Sky TV for Free for Life Legally" because who wouldn't want free sky TV for life legally? Or something like "How to Legally Print Your Own Money in Any Country" which makes for a slightly bait title but a potentially lucrative thing to do as well because everyone would like more money but you get my point I'm sure. Find and identify 3 key problems in your niche market and research solutions for them that nobody else has been able to find and provide. That is what makes for a very clicky clicky title IMHO.

As for Keyword Rich you will want to have your main keywords you are ranking for that are important keywords that make up the specific thing you are talking about and of course what you want to rank for. You can come up with titles using Googles auto suggest feature quite easily. Just start typing something into Google related to your niche to see what other keywords and long tails that it shows. This will also give you some great ideas for things which will help you to create a killer title that produces more clicks!

As for Meta Descriptions, you can include your keywords there as well but you might not want to do that for EVERY article you post to you site sometimes use different variations of it, say something else, ask a question, just mix it up a bit be consistent but be natural.

But I'd also love to hear other peoples opinions on it and how they might go about it too. How do you write a keyword rich title that gets clicks?


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What you include in your title is obviously going to be restricted by its length. So you really need to choose the words you will be using wisely. I guess it is best to start off by making a list of relevant keywords which you might have used in an article or a post. However you need to pick the most effective ones to include within the few words of the title. As a general rule of thumb you need to keep it simple and try to come up with something catchy and memorable, while also being relevant for who will be reading it.

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This topic looks like a hard one because a keyword is not that easy to arrive at much more with the keyword rich title. You are right that the ranking does not matter much because being in the number 1 position can be the same as being in number 3 or number 5 depending on what the users fancy so they will click on the link that is in the lower position.

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