new seller , orders only knock when service is on $ to 4 dollars

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new seller , orders only knock when service is on $ to 4 dollars

just started at SEO clerks and still not happy with buyers and there worth , orders are coming slow with less income just striking. At low price rates , help me how to boost sales and income .


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Hey there!

I looked over your services and everything seems to be set up just right. You're using the right titles, formatting your descriptions well, and using add-ons to get upsells in order to generate additional revenue for yourself and make your customers happy.

A Few Suggestions:

1. Interlink Your Services
This is where you link to your main services, or all of them, at the bottom of each service description. This will allow you to share traffic between your services and make it easier for people to see what you offer. I would suggest putting a quick snippet of information, maybe just the title of the service, and the price for it so people can click through and know what they're about to land on. Many top sellers here are doing this and it works quite well to get additional sales and show people what you offer.

2. Use Testimonials
What you should do is use your customers' reviews of your services and place them within the service description. I like to place mine in the middle of the descriptions to keep people attentive so they continue all the way down the page. Sure, the reviews show up on all of your services, but they're at the very bottom of the page, and people don't always get that far down before losing interest. If you were to put some images/screenshots of your reviews, you could keep people interested, and they will likely purchase more often.

3. Free or Paid Bumps
You can earn free bumps or buy a set of them for a few dollars. These allow you to push your service to the top of the category it's listed in and get some additional traffic. You can earn these bumps by participating in the discussions area, delivering a service on time, and various other actions that you commonly would do as a seller.

4. Paid Promotions
You can spend some money on a featured position, homepage or category, and increase the views on your services. This will get your service placed at the top of the category or placed on the homepage for 31 days and has a great ROI. I like starting out with the category featured promotion because it's cheaper and less competitive. The category feature also puts you in front of people who are actively looking for what you offer. The homepage feature will skyrocket the views on your service and bring in plenty of sales, but it's much more expensive, so I would recommend trying that out after you've accumulated plenty of positive reviews from the category feature promotion bringing in sales.

I hope that info helps you out a bit new seller , orders only knock when service is on $ to 4 dollars

- Tommy

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Everything is Hard at the beginning of the Journey

You Can Try to Promote your Service outside SEOClerks.

Other Best way is :
Get Some Help From Other People to help you Start.
Like me, I Can Help you Create An Advertisement Video.
Or Ask Someone to do Guest Post Or Article Promotion,
And some other promotion

Thank You,
Your Sincerely Rehiga

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