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How to Market Better

hello, I have been here for more than a year, but my sales & Marketing are not satisfactory. Can someone explain me to understand this community so that I can sell better and attrack more visitors? Thanks in Advance. My domain is EDIIFY


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Hi, naneroshan

Your SItes is So Amazing, I am Already Seen Your Site.

I think you need some SEO Agency that may provide you an SEO Strategy and You Need Some Promotion that Promotes your Sites. Go Search Through The Marketplace, and you may find something here
By The Way, I Can Create Whiteboard Animation For Explainer Or Advertising.

Thank You, Rehiga

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Hey there,

I looked over your site and there are a few things I would suggest changing to help capture more leads.

1. Change the persons' picture on the homepage. If that's you then add it to an "About Us" section. Use an image that relates to your courses and industry.

2. I checked some of your subpages and the top menu overlaps the titles of the pages. That will need to be fixed so you look more professional.

3. The review I saw on your page has the same image as the homepage, which makes it look like you've given yourself a positive review, and no one will think your website and services are legitimate if that's the case.

4. The sections where you're trying to collect user data, like names and phone numbers, blends into the background and that means fewer people will fill it out. You'll want these section to stand out a lot more than the rest of your page because that's where you can collect all that precious data about someone that might be interested in your website How to Market Better

5. A majority of the content on your pages is good, but it's not formatted in a way that will increase peoples time on page, so you'll have to break down the content more. Don't do more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph, have catchy headlines, use bold/underline/italics when you can without going overboard, and be sure to optimize the content.

6. Your "Certification Courses" and "Fullstack Developer" images don't link to any pages. This makes your website look incomplete and people might not follow through after they see these dead links.

Overall, it looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into your website and have something good for anyone that is interested. Just make sure it's optimized, you do the little tweaks I mentioned above and keep marketing it to people in Mumbai and you should be able to bring in some customers/clients How to Market Better

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I think I am interested in shedding some tips to the question you asked about how to how to market better. To start with, as a digital marketer you are, you are already on the right track because marketing and digital marketing have almost the same thing in common either online marketing or offline marketing so if you are a digital marketer and you are still not getting the required sales for your services here on SEOclerk you may need to reconsider your marketing principles and also try to make some adjustments to your services.

I understand that many people on SEO Clerk have the desire to make a lot of sales but one thing I think may be an obstacle to that is the mere fact that we are all focusing here alone to be the source of our sales. We need to invite more people to this platform.

let me give you an instance, if you have a great service here, you can generate sales offline for that same service, you can have a client offline that comes to your page on SEOCLERK to get some product from you and it worked for me.

So my point here is that in as much as you are trying to get buyers on SEOClerk try to also search for buyers offline or through the social media and use your digital marketing strategy which you talk about, all this will work together to get you sales. I wish you best of luck. Kindly check out my services too, have a great day.

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Very Beautiful Tips. Nice Work

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