Write amazing content that attracts high quality backlinks

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Write amazing content that attracts high quality backlinks

You'll always hear people ask, "How can I get high quality backlinks," and the typical answers follow.  Did you know that if you write amazing content that people will link to your pages without asking?  What! Yes, that happens, and it's how a lot of companies rise through the rankings for competitive keywords without trying too much.

If you were to focus on blogging, or writing static pages for your website, you could attract a lot of backlinks because people will want to share it.  It's a little more difficult today than it was 10-15 years ago because now people will usually share on social media and not their websites, but it's still a possibility!  So, I've written a few things you can do to boost the likelihood of getting those sweet high authority backlinks.

Solve a problem with your content
A pretty common tactic is to help someone with a problem they've been having but doing it with a tutorial or guide that shows them a step by step process.  You can write about anything you want as long as it's related to your niche, and people will love it if the content helps them some way.

You can write reviews about the best hosting companies and your personal opinions about each.  You can write about the best SEO companies you've worked with and what the results were.  You can write about different car tires and how to change a tire if it ever blows. 

Help people, and they will share your content.  The more you help, the more they share, and the more popular you become.

Write what people want to read
No one wants to read a blog post that sounds like your diary unless they're into stuff like that, but the majority of people are not.  Instead, you need to write about what you know your audience is interested in and make sure the content is awesome.

Take time to fact check, edit, add quotes, interlinking, adding images, etc. to be sure your readers will love the content and stay on the page for a while.

Write for the people, not the search engines
Many services that offer content writing, press releases, or guest posts don't go into detail when they are "helping" your site.  This is why you need to write all your content, make sure it's for the people reading it, make sure it's never spun content, and the search engines will love you for it.

No one wants to read a jumble of words with some technical jargon in there because it looks horrible and is unreadable.  Instead, write an article with some emotion and watch people share it daily.

Edit your content without mercy
Never treat your content as if it were your child because it will be difficult to edit.  I don't care if you took ten hours or ten days to write a single blog post, you need to edit the crap out of it, so everyone loves it.  Remember, people will point out your mistakes and flaws without remorse, so be sure to remove anything that could show you in a negative light (even if it's a simple grammar error).

Final Thoughts
You never want to chase backlinks when you're blogging because it will never turn out well.  Instead, write content for your readers and try not to think about the search engines.  You'll then want to go through the article or blog post and remove grammatical errors and make sure your keyword density is around 3% or 4%, so you don't piss off the search engines.  After that, you should have some content that will get shared a few times, and your readers will be happy with you Write amazing content that attracts high quality backlinks

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy


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