4 Great Reasons To Use Adwords For Your Local Business

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4 Great Reasons To Use Adwords For Your Local Business

Most people out there will set up an Adwords campaign when they're selling to the masses around the world, but not many people are talking about your local shops setting up campaigns to target people.  One reason for this is because of Google My Business sending targeted traffic to people businesses, and they don't have to pay for that since it's a free listing, but why not pay a few dollars a day and get some additional foot traffic to your business?

What many business owners don't understand is that you can link your Adwords and Google My Business listing then add location extensions, so you show up in all the best spots locally.  You can advertise on the GMB listing and sit at the top of the search results.  You will funnel plenty of people to your business as long as you have the budget to do so.

Now, what are these four great reasons to use adwords for your local business other than pushing your GMB listing?

It helps you build a brand
If you're not trying to brand your website or business, then you're failing to someone that already is.  You need to have a logo that stands out, a catchy slogan, and plenty of ads running to get in front of all the people in your area.

Branding is a more of "This is who we are" and not "This is why you should buy from us" form of marketing.  With Adwords, you can get your name out there, and people will eventually start talking about you, buying from you, and coming back for second and third orders if you provide a quality service or product.

Your conversion rates tend to be better
For local business owners running adwords campaigns, they've noticed the conversion rates tend to be much better than if they were to target globally.  This is likely because people want to buy locally, from people they can talk to, and not from China or overseas. 

If you're a small mom and pop type shop that uses Adwords, you could see some real growth in your recurring orders from people around you, and that's one of the main reasons you should be pushing your business on Adwords!

The traffic you get is high quality
Since you're setting up the campaigns and selecting the keywords you want to be shown for, you'll get plenty of traffic that is already looking for what you have to offer.  This means the traffic tends to be higher quality since someone is already interested before finding you and they will likely know what they need and not have to ask many questions.

You'll likely have to answer a few questions here and there, but the majority of people coming in because of your Adwords campaigns might not ask 100s of questions before buying from you.

You can target specific towns/cities
With Adwords, you can target locally and get seen by everyone in a specific area or a certain distance from your location.  It's pretty amazing to watch a new bar or restaurant open up and get on Adwords to target local areas within 10 to 15 miles of them.  I've set up plenty of campaigns like this for local businesses, and they stay signed up with me because I consistently send foot traffic to their companies day after day.

If you only deliver within 100 miles of your location, you can target those people as well, and this will lift a bit of stress off of you since you're sure the people purchasing from you are within your mileage and you can get to them quickly.  A lot of delivery companies will use this targeting, so they're sure the drivers don't have to go 600 miles away when they're only supposed to be driving a maximum of 20. 

In the end, using Adwords for your GMB listing and your website is something you should check out if you have a business that sells locally.  You can bring in a substantial amount of foot traffic if you set up your ads just right, so get to work and start making more sales tomorrow!

Thanks for reading 4 Great Reasons To Use Adwords For Your Local Business

- Tommy


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