What's your idea about handwritten and spun articles?

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What's your idea about handwritten and spun articles?

It is very important to understand that the spun articles can boost up the ranking of your website temporarily, while handwritten and meaningful articles are best for SEO purposes. Even PBNs business owners should take serious notice of the harm that spun articles can cause to their high-quality, and high-authority Private Blog Network. 

As a PBNs business owner, you should always offer PBN links with hand-written and meaningful articles. PBN is a very good technique to help a website increase Google ranking subject to the condition that the articles are written by an expert SEO article writer. What is your idea about this?


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Handwritten articles will always trump spun content as long as the writer knows what he or she is doing. A bad writer can churn out a lot of content in a short amount of time and have it end up being similar to the spun content, therefore it wouldn't matter much. I like to write the majority of all the content that goes on my blogs and websites because I know what I'm doing and I don't really trust many people to do it for me. I do hire a few writers from time to time when I'm not up for the task, but I only have a few people I will outsource this task to because I know they can finish the work on time and it's always a good result.

Spun content can be used well if you're strategic with it. You can't really put it on your own website and think you're going to rank #1 for a difficult keyword. You can use spun content on a PBN as long as you go through and edit it slightly to be more readable, but like you mentioned you'll need to be careful when adding content because if it's spun there is a shelf life for it. The spun content won't last long compared to something that was genuinely written and optimized and that's because the more often Google advances their algorithm, the more likely your spun content will get flagged as spammy, and that means a drop in rankings for when this comes across your content marketing plan.

I always tell people to just write the content themselves or outsource it to a credible writer if possible. If they want to take shortcuts on their content they will take shortcuts elsewhere, and that means they will not be taking their business very seriously. Most of these people then complain and say "I posted 500 articles and build 5,000,000 backlinks to them! Why am I not rankings!?!?!" and the simple answer is because their website is a trash pile of content with low-quality links aimed at it lol.

Take your time, write great content for you and your readers, and never worry about what Google will think of the content you develop. If you're genuinely writing content for your readers, Google will love you, and that means they will boost your rankings over time when they notice you keep posting great content for everyone to ready What Keep spun content away from your website at all costs!

- Tommy

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Thank you very much for your detailed, and informative opinion. I really appreciate what you have tried to clarify and explain in clear and nice words.

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A quality Private blog network would charge you no less than $10 per link. But now-a-days people want to get 10 links for $5. Hence, we see PBN owners use spun articles. What's the choice?

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