How To Build Your Own PBN (Private Blog Network) in 5 Simple Steps

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How To Build Your Own PBN (Private Blog Network) in 5 Simple Steps

How To Build Your Own PBN (Private Blog Network) in 5 Simple Steps

This is for beginners and the intention on sharing this is for beginners to get the idea about PBNs. It will a few days or less to set this all up after you have updated your nameservers, but building their authority takes more time and dedication.
There are much better ways on building strong PBN network, but if not for money site this can be useful for your parasites and your overall SERP score. This will also save newbies TONS OF CASH they were about to literally BURN on Fiverr!*

So let's get started into this, you need to pick 10 expired domains in your niche or the niche you want your PBN to be with good metrics. Make sure the domain is not penalized and check domain history. There are plenty of tutorials here on Google on how to find expired domains. You can also check for sellers offering that here. We will also need 10 shared web hosts.

Step 1: Register your domain name
You can use the following domain registrars (most of them have a very cheap deal for your first year, but beware renewal fees will be crazy high later). I have experience with most of them, i won't name my favorites, but in the list there are domain registrars that i really liked and some that i do not like at all.

Use .com, .net, .org, .info and/or more. Be creative. Just don't use the same extension for all domains.
If you have more time, look for coupons and use only domain registrars that offer $1 - $5 domains.
  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. InternetBS
  4. Dynadot
  5. Name
  6. 1and1
  7. Network Solutions
  8. Register
  9. IONOS
  10. OnlyDomains
I recommend randomly mixing up WHOIS details, randomly select which ones will be PRIVATE, put some using your real details, make the others using details of a friend or relative (with their consent), etc.

Step 2: Web Hosting
For this, make sure to find multiple cheap shared hosting providers. You can just google one dollar hosting, cheapest web hosts and you will surely find some decent ones. Another good thing to do is to select a different country when ordering hosting, so that you don't get duplicate datacenters/ISPs. Use cloudflare and DDOS protection for making them local and with even more mixed up IP addresses.

Step 3: Installing CMS
I recommend installing 10 different Content Management Systems (CMSs) so that your PBN is more unique, however, installing 10 Wordpress installation and picking a free and different theme for each domain should also work well.

Step 4: Fill them with manual written, unique and original content
Before you start posting links, advertisements and whatever else that comes in your mind, i recommend filling each domain with as much articles you can. The more, the better. You can look for article writers on the SEOClerks marketplace.

Step 5: Create Social Profiles representing each domain
You can skip this, but i find it useful on how PBNs overall work. Not sure, but according to my experience, this is one of the most important factors on how long your PBN website will live.
Once you got your different shared web hosting, install different CMSs for your domains

That's it! Short and sweet!

So what have you just built?
  • Different domain registrar for each website
  • Different domain name
  • Different domain extension
  • Different WHOIS details for each website
  • Different Nameservers for each website
  • Different IP Address
  • Different CMS
  • Different Theme
  • Multiple Countries
  • Multiple Datacenters / ISPs
  • Some bad neighbors (if you use a provider from BHW, i am sure they will let you choose your neighbors). This can be a good thing sometimes, as google knows to panic when there are 100% pure clean websites... Just a myth that can actually be the truth.
Not bad for an overall $50 - $200 investment, if you are curious and willing to spend some more time on looking for providers, your monthly fees for maintaining this won't be more than $20.
Don't leave footprints. When you build links for you or someone else, use different articles, different keywords, rank web 2.0s instead moneysites and randomly change your patterns.


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That's great info from you again man.

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Thanks for your sharing

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Glad it helped someone.... i will share more.

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You can also use Priority Prospect if you want to get a good PBN network setup and don't want to deal with dozens of different tasks for each site you set up lol. You can literally set everything up from one account and each website is separate from the next.

You'll have to set up all the social profiles on your own, Priority Prospect only does the hosting side of things, but it will definitely be more convenient than registering 10 domains, setting up 10 hosting accounts, and managing 10 different websites from 10 different places.

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