How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

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How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

At this patient, Search Engine Ranking is a main factor of success a online business. If your website is not ranked on the first page of SERPs then you will never success your business. So to be success your business you should to rank your website of on all major search engine first page. Now I am sharing some important tips to be Google and others search engine first page. If you follow this for your website then within 7 days you will be top on SERPs.

How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

Top 20 Website Ranking Factors to be #1 Ranking Position within 7 Days.

1. Domain Research: If you have a website then ok, or if you want to start a online business then firstly you need to research a wonderful domain. Select a short keyword as a domain which have a good search volume. It's very important.
2. Start title tags with your target keyword.
3. Drop keyword in first 100 words in your main content of your website.
4. Use outbound links in your content. Your outbound links must be high domain authority like-Google, Wikipedia etc.
5. Write click-worthy meta descriptions for each page and put your target keyword in your meta description.
6. Put your target keywords in the URL.
7. Post unique long content.
8. Take advantage of internal links.
9. Optimize your website images. Must be add ALT tags.
10. Target less competitive- Longtail keywords.
11. Use LSI keywords in your body content.
12. Ensure your site is super fast and Loading time less then 5 seconds.
13. Make your website must be responsive and Mobile friendly.
14. Use HTTPS for your website. SSL certificate is a Google ranking factor.
15. Use Schema code in your website for local business.
16. Avoid duplicate content.
17. Use keywords in H1, H2, H3 Tags/Title.
18. Use of Google analytics and Google search console.
19. Use Social sites and need to get a good social signal.
20. SEO Backlinks: SEO bscklinks is one of the best Google ranking factor. Google follow number of referring domain of a website. If you have a lot of high quality and high domain authority backlinks then it will give you a great ranking signal. Without SEO backlinks, you will never rank your website fast.

Here are the most important of Google Ranking Factor in Google Algorithm 2019:

  • Referring domains.
  • Organic click-through rate.
  • Domain authority.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Dwell time.
  • Total number of backlinks.
  • Content quality.
  • And Complete On-page SEO.
  • Local SEO


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Thanks for posting. some thing are really helpful

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Some of the best ways to start off with SEO is to just write content you would want to read. I do this all the time and start to realize my authentic content, that isn't highly optimized, actually does better than the content that I take my time optimizing for the search engines lol How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

The algorithms are always changing and you should adapt now for future changes. Those changes will likely factor in everything you've said, but they also want to see genuine content that helps out the reader. I've actually tested this on my own sites and seen some interesting things. Of course, my authority comes into play with this, so the experiments I did can't be used as examples for other peoples work, but you can get an idea of what's to come How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

What I did
I wrote 10 long form articles no less than 2,500 words for a single website of mine. I wrote 5 of these free hand and didn't think much about what was going into them in terms of SEO and then I wrote 5 articles that were optimized for the search engines. My first 5 articles, the ones that I didn't really focus on optimization, were easy to read and felt like they had more human interaction within them. The 5 articles that I wrote and optimized seemed a little more robotic because I had to plant certain words within areas they may not have fit best.

After I posted, formatted, and published all 10 articles I went about my day and just kept working. After about a month (30 days) I started to look at the statistics for the 10 articles and realized that the 5 I wrote without optimizing too much actually did just as well as the ones I took time to optimize lol How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week The big difference was that with the 5 articles I wasn't trying to optimize actually got more engagement from my visitors and the optimized articles seemed to get a little more traffic but much less engagement. So, you'll have to be a judge for yourself and think about what you want more. I might not have had set up my 5 optimized articles just right, which is why their engagement was low, or it could be better to just write content you want to read and engage with your readers to build authority and trust over time. It's up to you How to Rank Your Website Google first page within One Week

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