Back link buildings

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Back link buildings

How to a create back link 
classifieds.  I am new to this web site. 


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Build good content that engage your visitors to stay longer in your website will certainly boost your website's authority in the eye of Google. So backlink is become less important compared to content these days.

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I'm not 100% sure what your question is about so I'll try to answer it a few different ways.

If you're trying to create a service to sell backlinks
All you have to do is go to SELLER >> Sell >> Sell a Service and list your service for sale.

I would recommend you search to see what your competitors are already selling and for how much. You won't sell much if you're 2x or 3x their pricing even if you have the best service in the world. You need to have competitive pricing in the beginning and get your first few sales and reviews. After you gain traction here you can then begin to increase your pricing and keep the customers coming in Back link buildings

If you're trying to create backlinks in classifieds websites
Go to the site, create a listing, and be sure to add some HTML in there along with an anchor. Have your anchor be related to the page you're pointed at because this will help you out more than if you just aim at your homepage and use all different sorts of anchors.

You may need to pay for a listing, which might not be worth it, but if they're handing out dofollow backlinks and they're pretty good then I'd say go for it lol. If you have to pay for a nofollow link on a website that isn't getting much traffic, well, you should avoid that site as much as possible because it won't help you out at all Back link buildings

If you're trying to create your own classified site for backlinks
If I were you I would search through ThemeForest and codecanyon to see what type of link directories there are. Find one you like, set it up on your hosting, and start to promote it like crazy. This isn't an "If you build it, they will come" sort of internet, you need to promote and keep advertising if you want the people to stick around lol.

Set up AdWords campaigns, facebook ads, bing ads, and you MUST set up retargeting through Adwords or another service like Perfect Audience if you want to keep those people coming back.

Again, I wasn't 100% sure what your question was about so I answered it in 3 different ways and I hope that helps you out as much as possible Back link buildings If you have any more questions just comment on this and I will come back to help you out Back link buildings

- Tommy

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