Twitter Follow Back List?

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Twitter Follow Back List?

I'm trying to grow my twitter account and need some followers. Does anyone have a list of users that will follow you back?


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Well do follow a list. You need people interested in your niche, I assure you that following people and except them to follow you back is not really the best system when it comes to twitter. You will eventually follow more people than you have followers and the ones you have are bots or are looking to promote their own stuff as well.

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Followback lists are not really the best option and most people don't give them out free.

If you look around SEOClerks you will find many users selling large followback lists cheap if that's what you're really looking for.

If you're just interested in growing your twitter you should check out

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I have 100k follow back list, just buy and gig of mine at $5 price and request this list !

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There are apps that you can use to keep track of your followers. I think the app I used to use was Crowdfire, where it will tell you who have you followed that hasn't followed you back and will tell you who unfollowed you. This way I could follow people in bulk, wait for a few days to give them time to follow me back, and unfollow them once they didn't.

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