How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

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How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

Hi I am new here on SEOCLERKS but a professional offline, have recently joined but I have been working on Fiverr for more than one year now. I would like to know the methods and tips you know that you use to rank your service higher and get your buyers. Also how to create more than one service per day?


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Hey NwWork,


There are plenty of ways to boost your service views and sales. Since you've been on other marketplaces, you likely know a lot of what I'm about to say, but I hope I can touch on something you're not familiar with How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

Enticing Titles:
This is pretty basic, you need to make your service titles enticing enough to get click-throughs. You can't clickbait people on a marketplace, as you likely know because it won't increase your sales. If you're click baiting you will actually lose sales and people won't trust you in the long run.

If you offer an SEO service then mention it's revamped for 2019 to help the best for right now. If you offer a writing service then shown in your description that you know how to type and structure your writing.

Service Formatting:
This is a big one that doesn't seem like it will actually help but you'll definitely notice an increase in your sales if you just take your time at it. Formatting your service description isn't that difficult, you just need to use some titles, sections, bold characters, italics, some quotes, and even some images to help show people what your service is all about.

If you're just typing up a wall of text you will realize that no one will make it all the way through the content. This is because people get readers fatigue and don't want to continue but if you break it down with formatting, people won't get fatigued because it will feel like they're taking mental breaks while reading.

Featuring Your Service:
One of the easiest ways, combined with the above two mentioned, is to feature your service here in order to get the most views possible. There are two different options, both having their own benefits, in order to feature your services. You can choose from a homepage feature or a category feature.

Homepage feature - You will be placing your desired service on the homepage of this marketplace and it will get the maximum amount of views. This is a tough feature to get because it sells out rather quickly, even with a bid system in place, but it's definitely something you should check out if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Category feature - This placing will put your service at the top of the category it is in. You could be the only service featured or you could be one of 10 shown. It really depends on how saturated your categories are and if it's worth advertising in (it usually is lol).

Pricing is KEY:
When I started my writing service here I had it priced at $10 per 500 words and I would get some orders, but not as many as if I were to price it at $5. I started at $10 to filter out some buyers and target only on the people who wanted high quality content. If you check out my pricing it is now $18 per 500 words.

Why do I charge more now than when I started?
That's simple, it's because I charged $10 for my initial orders and got a bunch of reviews. When I hit 40 orders, a bunch of reviews, and had return customers I started to increase my pricing. I went from $10 to $12, then to $15, and finally, I'm at $18 for 500 words and I get plenty of clients due to all my return buyers and my positive reviews telling others that I do great work How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

This little trick is pretty simple if you haven't figured it out already, but you're going to charge lower than your competitors in order to gain the reviews and then you will increase your prices when you feel more comfortable. If you have 100 positive reviews, and your service is 2x or 3x the average, you will still get orders because of all the people praising your amazing talents How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

I hope that helps How to make more than one service per day on SEOCLERKS?

- Tommy Carey

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Wow thanks so much @Tommy Carey for such a detailed response and their was actually some points that I had not considered on much such as the Initial pricing technique, I felt maybe SEOCLERKS was possibly an easier to get orders as compared to Fiverr but it seems it's just as similar. Really thanks for the time you put to answering my question:-)

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