No website app? No Problem! Here's what I did

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No website app? No Problem! Here's what I did

If you're like the majority of people who are asking if there is an app for this marketplace, there isn't, but there is a way to use some other apps and systems to make your notification system come directly to your smartphone.  Yes, it does take a little tinkering and adding a URL here and there, but that's not a big deal if you're serious about selling on this platform.

An app makes the website feel more like it's connected to your mobile device and not just a site that is online.  You can still go to the marketplace and browse anything you want to because the code is super responsive, but a lot of people want an app to click on, so they don't have to type the domain into their browser and start from there.

An app takes a step or two out of the equation, but in today's lifestyle that is cumbersome, which is why my little trick will help you out No website app?  No Problem!  Here

Website Shortcut App
There is an app that allows you to add shortcuts to the screen of your mobile device.  You can go to the play store and search "Website Shortcut," and you will see a few there.  I went with the one that was literally named "Website Shortcut" and I'm glad I did.

Here's what it looks like in the store:

No website app?  No Problem!  Here

All you do is add the URL, Name, and Thumbnail image.

No website app?  No Problem!  Here

When creating a shortcut, you can add literally any URL and thumbnail you want.  I like using various shortcuts for websites I'm frequently on, and you can do the same if you're a seller, but it's really up to you lol.

No website app?  No Problem!  Here

As you can see, I even have a shortcut to a 1-hour loop of Baby Shark because I have a toddler who loves it.  I was sick of opening YouTube, looking for the 1-hour loop version, and then playing it.  Now I click on the shortcut and it auto plays.  My son even figured this out and now takes my phone and clicks on the shortcut all by himself lol.  Since I have YouTube set to open in the app for every video on that platform, it works very well for my purposes and keeps me from pulling out my hair when my son is losing his mind.

Pair with IdealMikes response method
What got me thinking about my shortcut was Mikes trick to getting notifications to his mobile device.  I've been using my shortcut trick for a long time and recently paired it with Mikes method to decrease my response time.  Let me tell you, this pairing works like a charm and helps out a ton if you're a seller.

Mikes method helps you get notifications right to your mobile device, almost immediately, and you can then login and respond to anyone that has left a comment on your orders or pretty much anything you get notified for.

Mikes Response Time Trick:

I won't go into detail too much because Mike wrote out a discussion for it already, so I'll give you bullet points.

What you can do with Mikes response time trick:
- Ability to update your orders within an hour of them being ordered/updated by the buyer.
- Ability to update your orders within an hour of any update by your buyer.
- Ability to leave your rating within an hour of the buyer completing/rating it.
- Ability to reply to all questions/comments left on your service comments area.

In conclusion
If you want an app for this marketplace, you'll need to pair up my trick with Mikes, and you will essentially have everything you need that an app can provide.  Since the marketplace is responsive, you won't have any problem loading it on your mobile device, and if you're using my trick to use shortcuts then you'll get to the desired page immediately without having to open your browser and type in the URL of where you're trying to go No website app?  No Problem!  Here

Thanks for reading No website app?  No Problem!  Here

- Tommy Carey


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Great tip. Actually i will try this application for some other needs too and i like your idea. However i simply use separate email application where i get email notifications from seoclerks (with bell sound too) so i can keep my response time low as much i can and that helps me a lot. Yeah i get notified about some other emails too, but it doesn't worry me to disregard unimportant messages

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I get email notifications as well but I like this method better because it streamlines my entire process and allows me to respond as soon as possible. You can literally reduce your response time to mere minutes haha No website app?  No Problem!  Here

The email notification process is pretty good, and it can be used along with my "app" method, but I do like Mikes method as well. You can get the notification and just open up the direct page to your inbox, sales page, manage orders, etc. and take action immediately. It doesn't save a ton of time, but it reduces a couple of steps, and we all know that people like to be lazy and take as few steps as possible to complete a task lol No website app?  No Problem!  Here

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<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Maybe I can tell you how I handled this problem. Try this and tell me what you think: Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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this is a great tip. i still think seoclerks should create an app though. it will come much handy

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