Outdated SEO tactics are hurting legitimate Agencies

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Outdated SEO tactics are hurting legitimate Agencies

Legitimate SEO agencies are seeing a decline in sales because of outdated SEO tactics used by people just trying to make a quick buck.  The problem is that the buyers don't know what they're getting into and purchase the cheapest package that guarantees them results.  The truth is that no package out there, or agency, can guarantee you results because they don't work for Google or the other search engines.  They can use all of their knowledge to help you increase your rankings through tested methods, but there's no guarantee that your rankings will top the SERPs.

Think about it, if you were selling enterprise level SEO for $5,000 a month do you think you'd get startups to bring your agency on board?  Probably not, and that's because they can pay a freelancer with outdated tactics a fraction of that to boost their rankings a little bit.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of affordable SEO services to buy that will help with your rankings, but there's never an all in one solution that will do everything unless you're hiring an SEO agency who will do and manage everything for you.

SEO software is rampant
Ten years ago, it was all the rage to use SEO software to rank, but now it does nothing for you.  You can still use Xrumer, Scrapebox, SEnuke, etc. for building backlinks but I guarantee you won't rank in a difficult niche if that's your only gameplan. 

The only piece of SEO software I still use to this day is Scrapebox, and I don't even use it to build backlinks lol.  It has a lot of functions, mainly scraping, that I can use to help my SEO efforts later on when I'm manually building links myself.

One Bad SEO Apple
When I had my full-service SEO agency, I would ALWAYS get people telling me they've tried SEO a few times before and nothing worked, which is why they were so hesitant to sign up with my agency and me.  They didn't see SEO as something they needed because the hacks they hired for pennies on the dollar did nothing to help their rankings, and now they didn't think SEO worked. 

I would always ask them where they hired their SEO people from and 9/10 it was from someone on page 36 who had dozens of negative reviews but was running ads to make themselves look better.  The buyer didn't know how to search for the right company, which is why they were burned, and they eventually found me to help them out.

Enterprise clients are difficult to sign
If you're trying to sign a client for $3,000+ per month and you're using software to build all of their backlinks, you're going to damage their rankings, and they may even request a refund or file a chargeback for the horrible work being done.  You can't tell a client they are going to get top-notch services, then work for 10 hours a week on their campaigns, and hope they don't find out.

What you'll need to do is work full time on these clients websites, depending on how much they're paying, and make sure their rankings go up. 

The problem is that a lot of smaller companies, who turn into larger companies who can afford enterprise level SEO, have already been burned by SEO "professionals" just looking to build a few backlinks and calling it a day.

Clients Expectations are Inflated
People see "get ranked #1 for $10" and think they're going to rank for the keyword "Google" when searching on and it just doesn't work like that.  I can guarantee that there isn't a service in this world that will rank you for challenging keywords for only $10, but there are people out there who think this, and I've had them complain to me after paying much more than $10 but only sticking around for a month lol.

Because of all the inadequate services out there claiming they're great, people get inflated expectations that they can rank for anything overnight, and that's not the case.  It doesn't matter if you're paying $500+ a month, it will take more than a month to get top rankings for your keywords, and people sometimes don't understand this. 

In Conclusion
You can easily do enterprise level SEO by hiring dozens of freelancers here, but you won't be able to buy one service for a month and get top rankings, so don't inflate your expectations.  When purchasing services her,e you should watch your rankings to be sure they go up, don't get mad if they drop a little, and evaluate the work when finished to see if it was done right and was worth the investment.  If you don't like the work that was done, because it wasn't as described, then don't purchase from that seller again and find someone who is better Outdated SEO tactics are hurting legitimate Agencies  Smaller services will definitely work, but they're not a one-time purchase that will rank you immediately.  You will have to buy them a few times, at least once a month, and pair them up with various other SEO services from other sellers in order to get a full range of SEO being done at the same time.  It'll be like you're running your own SEO team that does the work for you and sends you full reports Outdated SEO tactics are hurting legitimate Agencies

Thanks for reading Outdated SEO tactics are hurting legitimate Agencies

- Tommy Carey


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Rise of the freelancers who work at low cost, but work poorly with outdated techniques is also the main cause for the decline of the SEO tactics...

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Yes, exactly!

I've seen plenty of "SEO pros" pitch services that claim to be the best in the world but all they really are is a bunch of crumby backlinks built by software that was old fashioned 10 years ago lol. They will get their hands on a cracked version of software, buy something that is outdated and doesn't work, or outsource the work to a person doing the first 2 and just hurt a customers website.

I can't tell you how many times I've noticed this happening across the internet. I use to use all those fancy pieces of SEO software and I can usually spot them from a mile away. That's why I get so upset when I ask a seller if they're using a certain piece of software and they tell me "No, everything is done 100% manually!" which is a blatant lie lol.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing people that do freelancing SEO and building backlinks but there are just as many people selling $1 services that have no interest in helping a website, and that's what is really hurting the SEO industry. Everyone can be an "SEO pro" because there's really no certification system in place to determine if someone actually knows what they're doing.

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