SEOClerks is my favorite live chat system and here's why

Enter a reason for deleting this comment is my favorite live chat system and here's why

If you've been looking for a live chat system like me, you've probably come across plenty and thought they just weren't good enough, but then I came across and was pretty amazed.  There are plenty of features for this live chat system, which I'll go over, but one of the biggest things I love is that it doesn't slow down my website at all.  I can add it and my load times don't decrease at all, and I can quickly talk to anyone on my website!

Now then, let's talk about the features!

Yes, it's 100% free to anyone that wants to use it.  The free version does come with with a small "Powered by" but that's all fine and dandy because it's such a great service I don't mind promoting it a little bit lol.

You have the option to pay a small monthly fee if you want to remove this branding and add your own, but you don't have to.  If you opt to not pay the monthly fee, your live chat system will still work just as well as the branded since they are the same thing.

Chats go directly to my phone
I needed something that worked with my mobile phone because I'm not always at home or my office, so all chats had to go directly to me in order to respond as quickly as possible.  I love that has a mobile chat notification that allows me to open the app, which you can download from the play store or whatever Apples version of a store is lol, and I can talk with anyone who opened a chat on my website.

You can set the notification to go off continually, do a one-time notification, and the notification can be a beep or vibration.  You'll also see a little bird icon at the top of your phone, or wherever your notifications show up, to let you know a chat has started. 

Use on multiple websites
It doesn't matter how many websites you have, you can use this live chat system on all of them and send them to your phone if needed.  You can, of course, log into your laptop or desktop to answer any incoming chat you want, but knowing that it all sits in the same account you start is pure awesomeness.

I currently have around ten websites in my account that all route to my phone so I can text people back if they start a chat.

Initial Greeting
One of the big things I love about this is I can have an initial greeting pop up for every user that visits my website.  I'll usually have an introduction in this as well as a link to my FAQ or Knowledgebase to be sure people know all the answers they need to before contacting me.  If they need more info, or just want to be sure about something, they can contact me easily and I simply test them back is my favorite live chat system and here

Has a Wordpress Plugin
I love this because I tend to use Wordpress a lot due to my lack of programming and design skills lol.  I just upload the plugin and link it to my account then I'm good to go.  I can then go back to my account and customize how my chat bubble or bar looks on desktop and mobile.  I can set how long I want my introduction chat to start, set my notifications, and I can even set if I want to be emailed missed chats is my favorite live chat system and here

You can hire a VA
They actually have the option to hire a VA to answer your chats while you're asleep or whenever you want.  The most expensive option is $750 a month and that literally covers your website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  You likely don't need this, but it seems to be more affordable than paying for all the hours you're asleep, so I might actually buy this feature for one of my bigger websites and test it out.  Yes, I'll, of course, write a discussion about my experiences with it and let you know if it's worth the upgrade or if you should just hire someone from here to do the work for you is my favorite live chat system and here

I mean, that's not a bad price for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  That's roughly $1 an hour to have full time support on your website is my favorite live chat system and here

In the end,
If you are looking for a live chat system and you aren't worried about a little branding, then I would suggest checking out because they're pretty awesome.  I use this system on all of my leading websites and will continue to use it because they are continually adding new features and updating it, which makes me a delighted user. 

Thanks for reading!

- Tommy Carey


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