Google Analytics Alternatives if you're looking for a change

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Google Analytics Alternatives if you're looking for a change

A lot of people are trying to migrate from Google analytics to another service in order to track all of their traffic, but they aren't sure exactly which to choose. Now, it can be pretty tricky picking a certain system over another, because there are hundreds out there claiming they're the best, so I've decided to put some Google Analytics alternatives in this discussion for you to check out.

I'm not going to write a big long review for each service, because you can simply check out the website and figure it out for yourself lol. But I have done plenty of research on the services below and deemed them to be the top 8 alternatives to Google Analytics

You may have a different idea of what would be the best alternative, but here are the 8 I've chosen to be the best (in no particular order)

- Clicky
- Mamoto (formerly Piwik)
- StatCounter
- Gauges Analytics
- MixPanel
- FoxMetrics
- KISSmetrics
- Woopra
- Adobe Analytics

As you can see, there are plenty of big companies above that you've likely heard of. From the eight above I would say I liked Clicky the most, but your choice could be based on price or features, which is why I say it's best for you to make your own decision and not let me guide you towards a specific service. Clicky does have dozens of features that can do much more than Google Analytics, and it will track up to 1,000,000 page views each month, but it does come at a $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year price tag. It comes with heatmapping and keyword searching so you're aware of where people are on your website and what keywords you're actually ranking for that are sending in traffic. These two features alone are worth the price of clicky but you also get dozens more as a sort of cherry on top of this service lol. Clicky does offer a free version, which is slightly more limited compared to the premium, but it's still a viable option if you're looking for a Google Analytics alternative Google Analytics Alternatives if you

If you aren't using any sort of analytics for your website, you're likely wasting money on PPC campaigns, and you could be wasting your time targeting the wrong keywords that don't bring in traffic. I would suggest starting out with Google Analytics and upgrading later on down the road if you really need to. Most of the above services are premium (paid) services, and some have free versions with optional upgrades.

Remember, these are alternatives to Google Analytics, and they are not necessarily better than the system Google allows you to use for free. These are simply alternatives that you can use if you want Google Analytics Alternatives if you

Are you not sure of what to choose? Here are some things to think of before picking and implementing the analytics service to your website.
- What sort of technical requirements are required?
- What kind of metrics are you looking for?
- What sort of additional add on or premium features do you need for your analytics?
- Does your system need to be user-friendly, or are you tech savvy?
- Are you looking for a free service or can you afford to pay a monthly charge?

If you still aren't sure what analytics service to use after answering all of those questions, then I suggest you ask for a demo of each of them if they don't offer a free option, and see what their back end admin dashboard looks like and tracks. If everything is perfect for you, is the right price, and you can easily track everything you need, then it looks like you've found a winner! You might find that a couple of these Google analytics alternatives have pretty much the same features so you may want to start by sorting the free ones from the paid ones and start from there.

Thanks for reading Google Analytics Alternatives if you

- Tommy Carey


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I use StatCounter for free. By the way, Piwik is Mamoto now.

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Well, look at that lol.

I always knew of Piwik but forgot to check on them because I didn't think they would change. I edited the above to show Mamoto (formerly Piwik). I've also added StatCounter because I completely forgot about them!

Thanks for the update Google Analytics Alternatives if you

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