Google Algorithm: June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

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Google Algorithm: June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

A couple of days ago Google announced they were going to be launching the June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update and the Internet Marketing world was shaken.  No one really knows everything about the update just yet, but Google has said they are just looking for sites to be better.  This means you need to make your website better, in pretty much every way possible, and you will be blessed by the search engine kings with more traffic.

What should you focus on specifically when it comes to this update?  Well, Google was pretty vague on what they were focusing on, so you should just try to be the best you possibly can.

Here are a few things you can focus on that have been key factors within the ranking algorithm in the past

Page Load Speed
Your loading speed can be due to many factors such as image size, caching, and the hosting your website is on.  If your image sizes are all 5000x5000 then that's an unnecessary load if you only need to show a thumbnail.  Reduce your images sizing and focus on some caching to decrease your load times. 

Hosting is also another big thing you can focus on when it comes to loading times.  I've always had a good experience with NameCheap and I've heard great things about SiteGround, but all you really need to focus on is a hosting plan that can handle the amount of load you put on it.  The load can come from your pages, images, and the amount of traffic you're getting from day to day.  Have a plan that can handle at least twice as much load and you will be happy if you get a spike in traffic but nothing negative happens Google Algorithm: June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

Backlink Profile
Linking has always been a big thing with the Google Algorithm, and it's nothing new, but people tend to build billions of backlinks to their homepage and think they're safe from anything negative happening.  What you should really focus on is high-quality backlinks coming from high-quality content on 3rd party platforms that are already seen as a trusted authority.  These types of links are more difficult to come by but they're worth trying to get because just one of them can trump millions of bad backlinks that your competitors might be building.

Not too long ago Google updated their algorithm to prioritize websites in the search results if they had an SSL activated.  An SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a bit of security for your users and shows them they are safe when browsing your pages or buying something from you.  In the past, people only used an SSL if they were selling something, but now you will want it even if you just have a blog that you post content to.  They're not expensive and they can actually help you bring in more traffic now, so get one and thank me later lol.

Quality Content
This isn't anything new, but you'd be amazed at how many people try to cut corners when it comes to their content.  You want to focus on high-quality content, not something that was spun or written by someone from a country that doesn't speak your language.  It's always best if you write the content yourself since you know the niche better over a freelance writer, but you can always outsource the work if needed.  If you do outsource the work just be sure to send a few questions to the writer to be sure they know what they're writing about.  If you get any negative feelings during your conversation, move onto another writer and quiz them prior to payment being sent.

In the end
The Google Search Algorithm is still a mystery to anyone outside of the search team at Google.  Hell, even the algorithm team at Google may not have all the pieces, so that means you should just be the best website in your industry to rank as high as possible.  Focus on quality, not quantity, but if you do focus on quantity you need to be sure it's high quality.  Googles June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update wants you to be better overall and that means you need to focus on everything, not just your content or backlinks, so get to work and watch your rankings increase!




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Don't know why are you people still sticking with Googe. I haven't using Google for daily searches for over 5 years already and always have more relevant results then Google shows. I wonder will this Googlophreniya ever end? The only thing that Google beats the other is sufisticated deep search of particular files. For me personally Google had died as soon as I've aknowleged it as world data tracking system with users' history storage.

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Everyone sticks with Google because it still has much more of the world going to it than other search engines. You can optimize for Yahoo!, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. but you still won't get nearly as much traffic as you would when you land in that coveted #1 spot on the first page Google Algorithm: June 2019 Core Search Algorithm Update

Don't get me wrong, I run plenty of ads on the Yahoo/Bing but I don't really focus on their algorithm and where I land within the search results lol.

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Google lives its own life and often uses non-logical operations. Voice search queries have created serious competition for familiar short words. Such sites are searched for by students who use a Google search engine with a voice controller. They make specific requests that are difficult to predict. We live with spontaneous thoughts and long requests that create our mainland in marketing.

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