Hiring a freelancer: it's more than just clicking "Buy Now"

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Hiring a freelancer: it's more than just clicking "Buy Now"

If you own a website you're likely going to hire a freelancer in the near future to get some tasks done.  You may need a quick logo design, some help with on-page optimization, or you may just need them to respond to a few emails you can't get to.  No matter what the task is, there's more that goes into hiring the right freelancer than going with the first one you find.  Don't get me wrong, I've definitely gone with the first freelancer I've come across, but it's only after I've gone to different profiles/services and then deemed the first one to be what I needed lol.

Know exactly what you need to be done
There are many business owners out there that will hear they NEED to do SEO right away and they won't really know what they need.  This is one of the biggest problems SEO sellers run into and it's because the buyers aren't educated but know they need help in this area.  You need to know what you're buying when to buy it, and why you're buying it.  If you don't know those simple little things, you likely don't need it, and that will ease some headaches later on down the road for both you and the freelancer.

If you know exactly what you need, and I do mean exactly, you'll be able to streamline the entire process very quickly.

Take a logo, for example, it should be pretty simple, right?  Wrong!  A freelancer doing your logo design will need a decent amount of information about your logo in order to get it right.  How well do you think it would go if you just gave a freelancer your domain name and said: "I need a logo for this".  They would either design something they thought you liked, which you probably wouldn't, or they would ask you a bunch of questions about what you needed to be done.  Have all the answers to these questions before the work starts and you'll get the right logo the first time Hiring a freelancer: it

Contact the freelancer
If you aren't sure how active the freelancer is just shooting them a quick PM and see how long it takes them to respond.  Usually, you can get a response pretty quick due to email notifications being sent directly to their desktop or phone.  If they don't respond right away, and another freelancer does, start to work with the person who is more attentive and willing to do your work. 

Another great thing about contacting the freelancers is you get to see if there is a language barrier prior to just buying their services.  I write all of my own content but I've heard horror stories about people outsourcing articles to freelancers will well-written sales pages, only to get back a bunch of garbage. 

Don't ask for a discount
A freelancer prices their work at what they feel they are worth.  You won't get many people pricing a diamond at 1/2 what it's worth because they know what they can get for it.  Don't ask a freelancer for a discount, they do the work and do it well usually, and it's just plain rude to want a discount if you've never worked with them before lol.  Now, if you're on your 20th order and ask if you can get some sort of discount, that's fine, but don't ask within your first 5 orders because that's just rude lol.

In the end
When you're hiring a freelancer you need to know exactly what you want to be done, you need to get in touch with them prior to purchasing so you know they are active, and please don't ask them for a discount.  What's great about this marketplace is that you can sort freelancers based on ratings, which I commonly do when looking for someone to do a job for me, and I suggest you do the same Hiring a freelancer: it

Thanks for reading Hiring a freelancer: it

- Tommy


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