Be blunt in your marketing to get the best results

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Be blunt in your marketing to get the best results

Everyone is scared to offend people online or push them away with edgy marketing, but the companies who are doing that are the ones the ones who are retaining their customer base more than anyone else.  If you're blunt with your marketing, you won't be talking in circles and you will be giving people the meat and potatoes of your products or services.  They don't expect the stars when you're being direct with them, because there's no reason to, so start getting blunt with your marketing and see what happens lol Be blunt in your marketing to get the best results

In this discussion, I'll be going over a few benefits of being blunt in your marketing approach, and you might be surprised at the outcomes.

Being blunt shows exactly what you offer
If you're not blunt or direct with what you're offering, people will start to assume what you're going to do or what they're purchasing, and that usually leads to complaints after the customer quickly realizes they aren't getting what they expected.

It doesn't matter how well you write up your service or product descriptions, if you're not blunt about what the customer is getting, they will expect you to send them everything related to what they're purchasing lol.

Companies that give hope to others tend to let people down
If you're boosting everyone up that lands on your website, you're just going to let the majority of them down when you don't provide what they're expecting.  If you're blunt within your content, descriptions, etc. then they will understand what you're doing and they don't expect a single thing more than what you're providing.  You'll actually please the majority of people who land on your website because you can over deliver a service or send more within a package and please them with these little surprises Be blunt in your marketing to get the best results

Don't guarantee earnings and then put a disclaimer voiding those words
I see this all of the time when reading through an SEO service or a piece of software that shows the results of success on their homepage.  They will talk about how much money they've made for themselves and add a disclaimer in the footer, in very small print, saying that the earnings portrayed in the website are just one of many examples and a guarantee of profits can't be made. 

Essentially, these websites are building up hope of profits to increase their own sales and they have a loophole to fight your dispute when you don't make any money.

Having a direct message in your PPC campaigns will save you money
Too many people are putting up vague ads when it comes to PPC campaigns.  This is one of the biggest campaign killers, mainly because you're creating questions in someone's mind, and they will click through to get an answer.  If the answer they get isn't what they expect they will leave your website and never come back.  If they clicked through your ad to land on your website, you just spent some money, and now it's not converting into a sale.

If you're direct and blunt in your ads, you will reduce the number of curious clickers, and the people who are actually clicking will be interested in what you're selling.  Tell me, would you rather have 10 clicks and 5 sales or 100 clicks and 5 sales?  If you're spending $1 per click, you just spend $100 to generate 5 sales or you only spend $10 to generate 5 sales.  Being blunt with your ads will get you fewer clicks but also have you spend less on your ads while converting a higher amount of the people who do click.

You might not make as much money, but your customers will be loyal
When you're blunt with your advertising, you're going to push some people away, which could actually lower your sales.  This isn't a big deal though, because a lot of the sales you make through vague marketing tend to complain, later on, so be blunt and have a lot of loyal customers who know exactly what they're getting.

In conclusion
If you want to save money, increase your conversion rates, have a loyal customer base, and overall have fewer headaches then you should be blunt in your ads when they go live.  Run your business with the lowest amount of stress possible, because there are other departments that will stress you out all of the time, and if you're overstressed then you won't want to work.

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Tommy Carey


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Another Excellent Article !

In Fairness : Many Sellers (on SEOClerks) do often try to leverage some Highly Innovative (Albeit Rather Blunt) Marketing Techniques.

Alas : The Moderators are Not Always Amused !

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